Thursday, April 16, 2009

Four month stats

Liz turned four months old on Monday, and of course, what would your birthday be without a trip to the doctor's office? ;)
The doctor was very pleased with her growth and her development. She says Lizzie is a healthy lady who is progressing wonderfully! Her stats:
Weight: 15 lbs. 6 oz--50th percentile
Height: 25 inches--75th percentile
Head Circumference: 42 cm--75th percentile

She got three more vaccines; she would have received four but the state of Utah (and apparently the rest of the nation) is on a Hib vaccine shortage. Once again, she enjoyed the sugar water vaccine for rotavirus, and screamed for her two shots to the thighs. We gave her some tylenol as soon as we got home, and she's been a happy camper ever since! We're getting her ears pierced this week--stay tuned for those pictures!

This past Easter weekend we went up to Cache Valley, stayed with the Matthias family, and met up with the Manning family. President Manning baptized my mom and her family in Ecuador twenty-nine years ago this month. It was truly a wonderful experience to meet the man who brought my mother into the church. We had a glorious time! I must put in a plug for Cache Valley: what a GORGEOUS place! It is so different from here in Happy Valley or Salt Lake Valley. It's peaceful and serene. I LOVED Logan and its surrounding towns! Chris served part of his mission in Cache Valley and he absolutely loved it--I now understand why!

The rest of my family arrived in Utah on Sunday night and it has been a whirlwind of activity ever since--when I get some more time, I will blog about our adventures. Talk to you soon! T-minus one week for graduation and its festivities!

***Chris arrives in five days! Yee-haw! I am beyond excited to see my husband.

You look like you need some Elizabeth in your life--enjoy some pictures of her!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Julia Elizabeth Jett

Happy Birthday to my youngest sister! She turned nine today.
I've seen posts on some of my friends' blogs which are dedicated to a family member and I thought that today is the perfect day for Julia, as it's her birthday. Read on to find out about my little sister...
Julia was born on April 9, 2000. I still remember that day clearly--it snowed! In April, in Jersey of all places! I remember being very excited because I was twelve, and therefore I would be able to help out with her a lot. She has a lot of nicknames, some of which include Missy, Julie, Jul, and Julpie.
Julia is in the third grade at Margaret Mace Elementary, where she excels at pretty much everything. She LOVES to read (a true characteristic of a Jett) and she goes through books pretty fast! She has completed the entire Lemony Snicket series and she has just begun the Harry Potter series. She loves maps, soccer, and ANYTHING SpongeBob Squarepants. And I mean anything.
This picture from my wedding is one of my favorite pictures with Julia. She's grown a lot since then--she gets taller every time I see her!

Julia can be very sassy--a true characteristic of a Lopez. ;) She doesn't take any trash from people. She's good friends with all the boys in her class and I'm sure she avoids unnecessary drama that way (smart girl)!

Julie learned how to talk when she was very young. I think this is because she is the youngest. If she didn't speak up, she wouldn't have been heard! One of Julie's favorite things is soccer, as I mentioned above; she loves playing FIFA '08 and she's not afraid to bust out those moves on the soccer field!

Julia often hears that she looks a lot like me. In fact, many teachers slip and call her Mary! If you take a picture of me and a picture of her when we were both two, you can't tell the difference. My mom says we're a lot alike.

Even though she is only nine, she is a fabulous Aunt and is always thinking of her niece Lizzie.

Well, hope you enjoyed getting to know my youngest sister Julia! She and the rest of my family will arrive on Monday, in preparation for my graduation! The next sibling I will write about is...a surprise!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to April Showers...of snow

The most important news we have this week: WE HAVE A CONDO!
It's in Germantown, close to Lockheed, close to our chapel, close to the, could it be any better? I submit that it cannot!
It has two bedrooms, two baths; laundry room with washer and dryer--also room for a pantry--go food storage! Hardwood it's a first floor condo, we have a little patio with a storage closet attached. It's a lot bigger than what we have here in Provo. I readily admit that I am very excited to decorate a new bathroom and to search for a nice area rug for the living room :)
Chris and I signed the lease this week and we are very relieved and happy that the house hunt is over. Chris spent his first week and weekend out in MD house hunting and we had a few options that we were tossing around. Ultimately, this condo turned out to be our best option and we're thankful for the people who helped us (that includes you, Jessica!).
I spent the weekend at my Aunt Tawna and Uncle Dan's. I LOVE getting out of Provo! They live in Clearfield, and I always think of Chris when I'm there. He spent some time right down the road in East Layton, so I find myself imagining back to his mission days and wondering what it was like. I love going to the Nielson's and seeing the family and enjoying the kids who grow much too fast!

When the men go to the Priesthood session on Saturday night, we ladies stay behind with the kids and we have a pizza party! Everyone was very excited to meet Liz and she had a great time observing everything that was going on!

In addition to spending time with the Nielson's, this weekend was also wonderful because of General Conference. I wasn't able to listen to all of it as much as I have in the past (welcome to the world of a mother!) but what I did hear was what I needed to hear. My mom and I went to the Sunday afternoon session and it was FABULOUS. My aunt stayed with Liz in the little Conference Theater while Mom and I were in the Conference Center itself. And guess who we ran into--Ashley Anne Walker! She sat two seats down from us, a little Cape May reunion we had there ;)

So guess who I saw in the BYU Bookstore on Friday afternoon while heading to Biology? KIRBY HEYBOURNE! Yeah--the star of "The RM," "Singles Ward," etc. I saw a line coming out of the Bookstore and I wondered what the heck was going on and I happened to see Kirby! I had time before class so naturally I waited in line so I could get a picture! It was worth the wait :)

Enjoy some Liz! She rolled over for the first time on Friday afternoon and she had her first bath in a big tub on Saturday night--this was a big weekend for Miss Liz!

Some final thoughts: this is my last FULL week of college. I am graduating in eighteen days. Life is so sweet! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

From Chris in North Wildwood, NJ

Hey Friends and family! I started work in Gaithersburg, Maryland working for Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Services. It has been a very busy few weeks between work and trying to find a place to live. I did find a place to live in Germantown, MD about 10 minutes from work. We will move in the end of April. The one thing that stinks is the fact that I am not with my family who is still in Utah while Mary finishes school. I have missed out on some of Liz's "growing up." For example, this week Liz rolled over for the first time. Good job Liz! So, needless to say, I will be glad to be with them again in almost a week. This weekend I took a little trip to North Wildwood, NJ to see Mary's family minus Juanita who is in Utah. I left Friday after work and took the approximately four hour drive to NJ. For those who have never been to North Wildwood, you are missing out. I call it a magical place because it really is. It is an island in the Atlantic Ocean and has a very fun atmosphere. Of course, the food is to die for, as well! I would love to settle down there someday. Here are some pictures I took-mostly for Mary's benefit-who I know is itching to get back home.