Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two weeks!

We Killion girls spent a solid two weeks in Jersey and we loved it! I think it was the perfect time to visit because it was the last two weeks of school for Katie, Joe, and Julia. Most of their activities were drawing to a close, so they were home quite a bit and the girls loved that. We were running all over the county with my mom, too--that woman never stops! ;)

Enjoy the pictures of the fun Jersey times...

Relaxing time:
Bye bye old couch...enjoying some sun in the yard before someone took it away haha

Wedding Time:
Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Chaz Flud 6/4/11

MMS crew represent--we go way back!

Thumbs up haha

Cutting the cake

Park time:
Swinging at Allen Park

Wood chips are very fascinating!

Baby celebration time:
Genna Volchko's baby shower for little Olivia :)

Helping out at MMS Field Day--Lizzie insisted on trying out the bouncy house obstacle course. She did everything all by herself! What a champ :)

Bring out the kidde pool! The girls LOVED this. If we weren't at the beach, we were "at the pool"!

Some more fun at the MMS playground!

It's not a trip to NJ without Springer's ice cream :)

A trip to the Cape May County Zoo with our friend Riley!

Ahhhh the beach. Amazing.

LCMRHS 2011 graduation:
Katie, Mom, and me

Go Becca Walker!

MMS graduation! (Sorry, it's dark.) But on this night I realized that I graduated from Margaret Mace TEN YEARS AGO. Crazy!

Mrs. Parson's retirement party, courtesy of the 5th grade! Mrs. Parsons has taught every one of us Jett kids. We are sad to see her go but we wish her a happy retirement!

Uncle Billy is back from BYU! So where do we go? Springer's of course!

Cate is excited to see Aunt Julia!

Father's Day BBQ after church...enjoying the beautiful weather.

So there you have it. A Jersey vacay! Thank you to Pop-pop, Mimi, Aunt Katie, Aunt Julia, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Bill for making it memorable. See you soon!