Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

These pictures are from last Wednesday at the Montgomery Mall. (Lizzie was at preschool.) Such cuties, always having fun!
We enjoyed a beautiful Thursday afternoon (mid 60s). Is it really February?!
On Saturday morning, my Mom and I headed to North Cape May for Lauren Bird's baby shower. I loved all the pink and white decorations!
That little baby is one lucky lady--she will be the best dressed girl around her neighborhood, that's for sure :) It was very nice to see so many friends and family supporting Lauren.
With the obligatory bow hat, made by Lesley!
Congratulations Lauren--can't wait to meet Alora! Wildwood Catholic presented "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" in its auditorium this weekend. What a fabulous play! It was SO funny...we laughed and laughed. Great songs, great scenes, great everything! We thoroughly enjoyed all of it. The girls especially loved seeing their Aunt Katie (Lucy van Pelt) and Uncle Joe (Charlie Brown) on the big stage.
After the show, all the kids were invited to take pictures with the cast. You better believe my girls RAN up onto that stage! And the girls were given little Snoopy dogs to take home, too.
So we are back home in MD and back to our routine. Today we went to story time and had a blast, as usual! Lizzie and Reed took turns reading to each other.
Cate and Blake had fun rocking in their chairs.
I will not be writing a blog post next week because I will be in FLORIDA! And you will hear about that trip when I get home :) Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President's Day weekend and beyond!

As I mentioned in my last post, baby Daniel Turman was born last week (a Valentine baby!) and we got to visit him in the hospital! Lizzie was in complete heaven. She loved holding Daniel.
She finally took her eyes off of him long enough for this picture :)
Cate didn't want to sit down with Daniel, but she was more than happy to say hello to him!
I love holding newborn babies. Daniel reminded me that only nineteen months ago, I was holding a brand-new baby Catie and now look how much she has grown! Thank you, Turman's, for letting us visit and letting us meet Daniel!
Good morning, Mom! We took your spot in the bed!
Later that morning, we had Sophie and Chloe come over to play while Bethel ran a few errands. The little ladies just had to dress up!
And Cate had to dress up too, once she saw the older girls in their dresses.
When you're all dressed up, you must have tea time! The girls set up the table all by themselves.
Another picture, different dresses! The girls had such a great time together!
We headed up to NJ on Thursday night! Aunt Julia rarely smiles NORMALLY in a picture ;)
Chris took the girls to the Cape May County Zoo on Friday; Julia and Danielle went with them. Mimi and I went shopping for the afternoon! Thank you Husband, Aunt Julia, and Aunt Danielle!
Friday night brought us the most exciting news to date: Katherine Annette Jett has been accepted to Brigham Young University! We are so proud of her! And we are so excited for this new chapter in her life. BYU awaits the next Jett--Provo, get ready for another Jersey girl! ;) Although Saturday was a busy day, I neglected to take pictures >:0 We had a celebratory breakfast at Clary's in Court House. This was our (meaning the Killion's) first time there and we were not disappointed. Everything was fabulous! We had french toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs amongst the table. Breakfast heaven! For lunch, we stopped by The Ugly Mug--always a treat. Cape May was super busy, a combination of the holiday weekend and fairly nice weather. My mom discovered some stores having good sales, so Chris got some new Cape May hoodies (my Valentine's gift to him). Later that day, Mom, Cate, Joe, Katie, and I went to the Hamilton Mall while Chris, Dad, and Lizzie went down to Cape May Point to check out the lighthouse and the beach. When we got home, Chris took me out to dinner. I voted for the Court House Diner because Chris had never been to New Jersey diner--crazy, right?! We were very pleased with everything; it was a good first experience for Chris with NJ diners. Thank you to Mom and Dad for watching the ladies for us! Sunday at the Cape May Branch was wonderful, as always. Afterwards was New Beginnings for the Young Women, so we stayed to watch Katie and Mom participate, as well as a welcome to Julia who will be entering the YW program in April (I'M SO OLD!!). Mom and I went over to Wildwood Catholic where we helped out with makeup downstage. Then we all (except for Joe and Katie) headed back to our house in MD. On Monday morning, Chris went to work for a few hours while Mom and Dad went to the temple. When they got back, we had some Cinninati Chili from the crock pot--AMAZING--and then we headed to... The Udvar-Hazy Center-National Air and Space Museum! You may recognize the name from a few posts ago. I told my family about it and they really wanted to see it, especially my dad. Even though there were a ton of people there, we were still able to enjoy it!
Father admiring a plane
Julia and Lizzie
Cate really did not want to be in this picture
She was happy when she found these to play with, though.
Julia CANNOT take a serious picture!!!!! hahaha
The girls with Barbie astronauts
Strike a pose! With Julia trying to get in
IKEA for dessert? Yes, please!
The women!
We had a wonderful weekend with my family and we can't wait to see them again! ...which will be Friday! Katie and Joe are starring in the WCHS production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" this weekend. Joe is Charlie Brown and Katie is Lucy. We are so excited to see it!! We got back into our regular schedule with story time at the library. I managed to get a few pictures of Cate and Blake, because Cate actually sat down and listened to the story time. She did a really great job! My littlest lady is growing up!
I like this one: Cate "reading" her book to Blake.
Searching for more books!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy V-day

Blake + Cate = friends forever!
They have so much fun together. (Which is a good thing, as they will be married later on in life.)
Last week we hosted preschool at our house for the first time! We didn't have class on Monday because Cate was sick, so Wednesday was full of all things "T." We made some trains (neglected to take pictures of that activity) and we made some trees. Our "trees" had kiwi leaves, a banana trunk, and tangelo sand.
We ate lunch together. And Cate felt like such a star, hanging with the big kids!
Here they are, minus one friend!
The girls love cereal for breakfast. I couldn't help but take a picture of Cate because she was so cute, sitting there with her bowl of Fruit Loops.
Good morning, Mom!
Here is the sole picture of the morning of our playdate at the Wangberg's!
Later that afternoon we went to the library. (We missed you Blake, Reed, and Lois!)
Daddy took us to Coldstone on Saturday and the girls loved it, of course.
Lizzie especially loved the bear!
Like my shoes, Mom?
On Sunday night, we had a fun baby shower for Katya at the Heit's house. Lois had the cutest decorations for the celebration--elephants!
Jeff and Lois stumped us with guessing-the-baby-name-of-the-animal game. Many of the baby animal names surprised us for sure! Justin won though!
Of course the kids wanted to help Katya open her presents!
Our Valentine's Day was fabulous. I made pink heart pancakes for breakfast and we topped them with sliced strawberries.
Chris and I gave the girls Valentine mailboxes with chocolate inside, complete with a stuffed Valentine animal. Lizzie got the monkey and Cate got the frog!
We went to story time once again and afterwards, we invited everyone to our house for lunch and playtime.
Chris surprised me tonight with a huge chocolate covered marshmallow and an Apple Pie apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory (my absolute favorite)! Even with school and work, he still found the time to get me some awesome treats. Love you Husband! ;) It's a very good thing that we had Katya's baby shower on Sunday night, because Daniel was born earlier this evening! Congratulations to the Turman family on their newest addition! :)