Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello, October!

This past week has been nothing but cold rain. We hate it. It keeps us in the house when we'd rather stroll through the neighborhood. At least my family missed the rain when they came up to see us last weekend! We went to Antietam and Gettysburg, had the missionaries over for dinner, and loved the time we spent together!

Well, as you may know, I take a post and write about each of my siblings. Today is dedicated to my brother Joe.

Joseph Franklin Jett was born on December 2, 1995--a birthday present for my mom that day! He's now thirteen years old. Joe...where can I even begin? He's always been a very smart guy. In the family, we've said that Joe would be one to invent some contraption that would benefit the known world. He likes science and even had a pretty neat laboratory kit that he used religiously when he was young. Joe has grown a lot in these past few years (literally). At my wedding a little over two years ago, I towered over him.

Not so much anymore! (It's not very visible here, but he does have an inch or two on me nowadays.)

We attribute this growth spurt to his hotdog diet. I'm not kidding, the boy eats AT LEAST two hotdogs a day, probably more when there are more in the house. Mom makes sure to always have some handy. :)

Now that Joe is older, humor is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Joe. When he was young, he was very quiet and very shy but he is nothing like that now. He's developed the cool use of humor that our brother Bill has. He's always making us laugh (FU-nny--thank you Katie!). Whether it's employing his Mexican accent or singing Beatles songs with a British accent, Joe has us laughing.

One of his favorite people to emulate is George Lopez. You'll often hear a "WHA-CHA" or a "Sabes que?" phrase during a conversation with Joe. It never fails! He'll throw in a three-finger stab to your ribcage while he's at it, too (we sisters of the family know this very well).
Joe is the funny man now that Bill is in Colombia, but he's also good with children. Liz can't get enough of Uncle Joe!
She loves his faces and his funny voices. He's always willing to hold her when I need a break (as are Katie and Julia, I will note).

It is pure proven FACT that every time Joe holds Liz, she poops. Really, it's true. The first couple of times it happened, we simply thought it pure coincidence. But it's happened every time since they first met back in February. Hilarious.

Joe, you're a great brother and we love you!