Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ice cream with Julia

Hello from the Killion girls!

Last week was awesome. Thursday and Friday were so beautiful! Temperatures in the high 60s! LOVED. IT. We spent a lot of time outside, walking around and enjoying the sunshine.

Pop-pop, Mimi, and Aunt Julia visited us over the weekend! We love their visits :)
Ice cream sundaes with Aunt Julia are the best!

On Saturday, we ladies went to the mall while the men went to a railroad museum nearby.
There was some little boy riding in the train but Liz decided she'd hop in too!

Mimi gave Cate some butter pecan ice cream :) She loved it!

Cate is SO very close to crawling. She can scoot backwards, move sideways, and roll over in every direction to get where she wants to go, but she hasn't quite mastered moving forward yet! It won't be long before Cate follows us around.

The other morning I left the girls on our bed so I could get their clothes from their bedroom. I walked into the room and for a split second I thought, "Where did Lizzie go?"
Do you see her?

What a prankster! haha

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Confessions

1. Maraschino cherries freak me out.
2. "My eggo is preggo" --officially the weirdest way of saying you're pregnant. Just say, "I'm pregnant." We'll get it.
3. Chris brought home a box of Lemon Creme (Girl Scout) cookies last night...they are now gone. *I did share, but still. I love me some Lemon Cremes!*
4. I got my first B+ (in Algebra 1) in the eighth grade, and yes, I cried.
5. Once in a while, I love to reread my old journals. I was so boy crazy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Julia's reminder

Monday night, 7:12 pm. Cell phone rings.

Me: Hello?
Me: (laughs) Julia, I will write one, I promise. I can't write one right now because I feel like I'm going to throw up at any moment.
Julia: (slight pause) Oh, okay. But DON'T forget to write one this week!

I won't, Julia. :)

We girls went to the Clark's house for Valentine's Day dinner but we left early because I felt AWFUL. Earlier in the afternoon, I thought it might've been something I ate for lunch. But it only got worse. I felt so bad for leaving the Clark's early because Meg made a fabulous dinner (which Liz ate, thank goodness). Thankfully I got the girls into bed quickly so I had the rest of the night to spend nauseated. But Chris came home with flowers, chocolate, and a card, and then he ran to the store to get some ginger ale for me. What a great husband!

Some of our adventures in the last week included our friend Dilan's birthday party!
Liz was so excited for it! It was Elmo heaven and the girls had a great time :)
Here is Dilan the birthday girl with her awesome cake!

Liz really loved that cake!

Cate did too :)

Manicures with purple Dora the Explorer polish. She did them all by herself! Don't you love them?

Someone is TIRED!

Sometimes, Friday nights are 'Mom-is-taking-a-break-from-cooking' nights, so we went to Chik-fil-a, and we happened to see the Wilkins' family! Brylee and Liz had so much fun together.

Sunday Feb 13th, the girls looked so cute in their red church outfits. Liz refused to stand still for a picture,

So here is the Catie lady.

Some Valentine's Day pictures, more red clothes!

Gotta love trips to Costco--I especially love the double seats in their carts. Liz looks like she's about to cry, but she didn't!

Mom, Liz is sticking her tongue out at me. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Julia's request

At the insistence of my sister Julia, I'm writing a post earlier in the week. Why?

The Killion family has purchased another car!

Drum roll please...

We are now the proud owners of a 2007 Saturn Vue, a hybrid. We call it "The Dark Knight: the Roja Braun." That's an interesting name, you say. Well, we shall explain it to you.
Our white Ford Taurus is called "White Chocolate: the Juergen Maria." White Chocolate refers to its color. Juergen Maria refers to the names Chris and I had in our respective high school German and Spanish classes; Chris was called Juergen and I was called Maria.
Now "The Dark Knight" refers to the Vue's color, obviously. We wanted to tie in the girls somehow, because we used a reference for us with the Taurus. Using their names in either German or Spanish would be lengthy, so Chris came up with the idea to use Roja (red in Spanish) to describe Cate and her red hair and Braun (brown in German) to represent Lizzie's brown hair. So there you have it! "The Dark Knight: the Roja Braun."

The Dark Knight was too good of a deal to pass up. It has only 24,000 miles on it!

We've been discussing the idea of a second car for awhile now, especially since Chris is at work and school for the majority of the day. During this semester we've let him take the Taurus a lot because of the dismal weather and the cold temperatures. That left the girls and me in the house...all the time. Now, he can take the Taurus and we ladies will have the Vue. We can run our errands, go to our appts, etc. without Chris having to wait for us to get ready in the mornings. Now he can take off in White Chocolate as early as he needs to. The Dark Knight will take us girls wherever we want to go!

Dark Knight, welcome to the Killion family! We look forward to having you around for a long time :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A week off

That's what NJ means to me in a nutshell: a week off. I get many helping hands with Liz and Cate! We love going to Pop-pop and Mimi's house. We went to Julia's basketball game, Joe's swim meet, and a couple of WCHS boys basketball games. Sprinkle in some quality shopping time, (in the shopping cart car, of course)

catching up on season 3 of Lost, (Cate isn't a fan, as you can see)

5+ showings of Toy Story 3, (who picked that, I wonder ;)

and we're a happy bunch :)

One of our fun nights in NJ was bowling at 3J's! The building itself has been around since my dad was in high school--the decor reflects its age (love you Father!)--it has a fun, retro feel.

The cutest part was Lizzie bowling, complete in size 7/8 bowling shoes which seemed made just for her!

I fed Cate her dinner as we watched Dad, Chris, Katie, Julia, and Lizzie bowl the night away! Don't you love the 80's high chair? So old school!

Here are some pictures at our house before we took off to Jersey!

While we were away, Chris got to work on his paper and do some research in a quiet house. He is the proud owner of a new dresser courtesy of IKEA!

We bought his old dresser at a cute store in a shady section of FW and we thought we got a great deal...the neighborhood should've given us a clue. It's a piece of junk after our moves to UT and to MD. I'm surprised it's still standing! Either way, that dresser will make its way to the dump. Farewell cheap, hello classy!