Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cate's growing up!

For the past few weeks, Cate had been telling me she needs to go potty (this is while wearing a diaper). So I told myself that I just had to take a week and start potty training Cate. This week was that week. I started the same way as I did with Lizzie--sticker chart for successes. First day, take Cate to the bathroom every fifteen minutes, next day every twenty minutes, etc. Monday and Tuesday were consistent, four successes and three accidents each day. (Tuesday's major accident involved me scrubbing the carpet after a particularly awful disaster.) Wednesday started off well. Then Cate took a nap and after that.....well, we went through six pairs of underwear in five hours. Later that night, I was so nervous. Cate had been doing all right and then we had this setback!!! Thursday had to be better. And it was! Only two accidents on Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (as in today): no accidents! Cate is so proud of herself and we are certainly proud of her too. She is so excited about her new underwear and will show you if you ask her about it ;D Good job Catie baby! She filled her sticker chart (and I had to add another row) and she got to make a banana split with Dad! (Lizzie decided I should make a chart for her, and she had a banana split too) ;)
It was a little difficult for Lizzie, being stuck inside for the majority of the day. But she was a good sport and she loved to cheer for Cate! We made homemade playdoh one morning and the girls loved it. Lizzie made a pizza and she's pretending to eat a slice.
Cate loved to use the rolling pin with her batch.
I tried bantu knots again, this time only for the girls! They loved them and their hair was so cute the next morning!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Some August Happenings

We managed to get some more fun time with Dad before school started on Aug. 27th. Chris needed to grab some books for school so we stopped by the GWU bookstore first.
Then we drove to the Jefferson Memorial and took a little walk. The Jefferson Memorial is my favorite DC building--it looked fabulous in the fading light.
Lizzie and Cate were especially drawn to the fountains and lights of the WWII memorial.
Mimi, Pop-pop, and Julia spent a night with us. The grandparents went to the temple in the morning and we met them there later.
The weather has been beautiful as of late. We've been taking a lot of walks around the neighborhood, which means lots of picture moments!
The Heit's invited us and the Wangberg's to their pool before everyone went back to school. Everyone had a great time!
We've been talking about visiting Ft. McHenry for a long time and we FINALLY did it two Saturdays ago! We loved it and we can't wait to go back. What a cool place!
During the flag rolling, Lizzie was selected to be in charge of placing the flag correctly into the bag. She was beside herself with happiness!
She did a fabulous job :)
One Wednesday, we had the Willingham girls over our house. We walked up to Cedar Creek Park; Lois & Blake and Heather & Andelyne joined us there. Park day is always a hit!
Silly girls!!!
Tuesday was Lois's birthday and we were invited to the Heit house for cake and ice cream on Labor Day. The best molten lava cake + the best homemade berry ice cream= heaven on a plate! Ruth was ready to attack that cake ;)
On Wednesday, Shelley, Brittney, Lois, and I went to Cafe Rio to celebrate (belatedly) Lois's birthday. Can't top the pork barbacoa salad and the company of friends. Happy Birthday, Lois!