Monday, March 26, 2012

Mount Vernon

Teddy Bear toast, courtesy of Pinterest. It was a big hit with the girls!
On Thursday we went to Chick-fil-A for a birthday lunch for Katie! We had a great group of ladies there to celebrate--and our kids owned the place, I'll tell you that! ;) I only took one picture but that's all right...
On Friday, we went to Mount Vernon.
We bought tickets through groupon in November and they expire on March 31, so we had to go! The Heit's and Wangberg's also purchased the same groupon so we all ran into each other there, which was very nice. George and Martha appear to have some new grandchildren :)
Sister love--it does exist!
Oh hello there, Chris! haha
The highlights of the visit (for the girls) were the animals. If we looked at nothing else but the animals, Lizzie and Cate would've had no complaints.
This is the old vault where Washington was once buried.
But in the mid 1800s (I believe), he and other family members were moved to this area.
We walked down to the wharf, which meets the Potomac.
We managed to take what we thought was a fabulous family picture...then we noticed Cate hahaha
We went back to the Education Center after visiting the animals (again!). Inside was the Hands-on-History area, designed for kids 8 and younger. This was another favorite for the girls; they did not want to leave! They tried on dresses from Washington's era.
A kid-size Mount Vernon was full of dolls and furniture, just begging to be played with!
They loved taking care of the babies.
I was invited to a tea party.
No better way to end your day= Cafe Rio!
We had a fabulous Friday at Mount Vernon. Hope you all have a great week! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A beautiful Thursday

First, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Alex and Taylor Smith on the birth of their baby boy! Bentley Taylor Smith was born this morning at 6:40am--7 lbs 2 oz and 21 in. We are so excited for you two! Can't wait to meet him :) So I'm looking at the pictures I've uploaded tonight...none of them are from this week! I've had my camera with me but I've neglected to take it out during our outings this week. So, this post will be dedicated to this past Thursday--an 80+ degree, sunny, fun day we had with friends. The Wangberg's, Heit's, and Killion's met up at the Rio. After some playtime, or rather, some woodchip rearranging ;)
we went for a walk around the lake. We came across a turtle first! The kids were overjoyed.
But then, the geese arrived!
The next section of the walk consisted of us stepping around to avoid the goose poop! hahaha But once we got to the "boardwalk," we were clear. And we found more turtles and more geese!
Friend love--these girls are the June birthday girls! (I'm still having trouble believing that they will be two in a few short months.) Take #1, holding hands
Take #2, holding hands
Sisterly love!
Had to start some Ring-around-the-rosy--
And we all FALL DOWN!
I can just picture Blake saying, "Guys, look over here!"
The Wangberg's had to leave so we Killion's and Heit's had some lunch before heading home.
Thursday was SO much fun! Thanks guys :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Florida Trip!

Last week I flew to Orlando to visit my best friend (since the 3rd grade, baby!) and her husband, the Smith family! When Alex and Taylor got married in New Jersey last March, I told her that no matter where she would be in a year, I would fly, drive, boat, GET MYSELF by her side when she and Taylor would be sealed in the temple. Last week was that time! There are so many emotions that accompany an important day such as your sealing day. We Latter-day Saints believe that being sealed in the temple means we are joined with our spouse for time and all eternity. Hearing that phrase often in our youth only emphasized its importance. Isn't the Orlando Temple absolutely gorgeous? I think the temple's beauty reflects what happens inside.
We went to the temple on Tuesday night first, for Alex to receive her endowment. Here is the happy couple!
And here's Alex and me!
After we left the temple, Taylor's parents treated us to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was my first time there and it did NOT disappoint :) We had a wonderful time--Thank you again, Dennis and Lori! On Wednesday we went back again, this time for the sealing ceremony.
Hand in hand as husband and wife :)
Alex and Taylor's ward meets in the stake center across the street from the temple, so consequently many people from their ward work in the temple! (Including Taylor's parents) I felt so happy that night to see so much support from their ward and stake. They are truly loved! Congratulations to you, Alex and Taylor, on your special day :) In between the wonderful times at the temple, Alex and Taylor took me to Downtown Disney. Wow--what a fun place! That statement doesn't even do it justice...I know my girls would go NUTS if we ever go!
Thank you Alex and Taylor for an AWESOME time in Orlando! I loved my stay there and I miss you a ton already. Now I'm awaiting the arrival of your baby boy :)