Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ways to stay warm

At least three times a week, Lizzie asks me, "Mom, when will it be summer again?" I'm right there with you, daughter. Although yesterday was a warm 67*, today we are back to the low 40s with some major wind. We've found ways to have fun and stay warm during the winter. We just got back from Play Time with some friends at the Soccerplex. Every Monday and Thursday from 10am-12pm, your kids can run and play in this huge indoor soccer field area. At $2 a kid, it's a steal and we will be returning! Lizzie loved being Iron Man for awhile.
Cate found a baby and she was set for the rest of the time we were there.
We joined some friends at BounceU in Clarksburg. Two rooms of giant inflatables for children (and parents too)! They couldn't get enough of this slide.
They even had snack time for the kids!
Mimi, Pop-pop, and Aunt Julia spent MLK weekend here and we drove to Hanover for the UTZ factory experience.
We love birthdays! Our friend Scottie turned 2 and we, especially our girls, were SO excited to see the Clark family.
Pizza and cake are enough to make any kid happy, I tell you!
Can't forget about Cafe Rio--we went to the Olney location when my parents were visiting (and we saw the Willis's there--so much fun) and we also went to Frederick's grand opening with more friends.
There are now two Cafe Rio restaurants near us--each about 25 minutes away. But this summer, one will be ready RIGHT HERE IN GERMANTOWN. And then we'll be in really big trouble ;) It will be so tempting to go once a week, or dare I say twice a week... Another favorite place of ours is the library. We're actually heading over there later on today. We'll go play in a discovery room for an hour and borrow some books on the way out. I need to take more pictures of that! If you really want to stay inside, I know a good way to achieve that. Get injured!! ;) I've fractured a bone in my left foot. The orthopedic specialist said it's not a fracture where the bone broke into two pieces; it's more like I really bent it out of shape. I used crutches for a few days. For those days I was on my bed or a couch, while elevating and icing my foot. I'm still wearing a post-op shoe. It feels a lot better now than it did last week when it happened. This was taken right after I fell. My left foot was so swollen.
This is from today. Slowly but surely it's getting better.
Of course I don't recommend that you injure yourself to stay indoors during frigid weather. Other than that, we've found some ways to have fun while staying inside this month. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello 2013

Ahh 2012, overall you were good to us. Christmas
New Year's
2012 was a fun year. We did so much--family visits on both sides, day/weekend trips to places all around us, etc. School is once again under way for Chris. The girls and I are back to our weekly routine. Being with friends: one of life's greatest joys.
I had plans for some "catching up" posts but right now, one of my daughters is screaming (any guesses as to which daughter? ;D) and I am utterly perplexed. Neither of my girls has had any trouble with ever. This is shaping up to be a long night in the Killion house... On a happier note, I look forward to what 2013 will bring. I have many goals/ideas/resolutions that I still have to write down haha but I am excited for this year. See you next week!