Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Happenings

Spring is in the air! You can see it everywhere you look--at the trees, for example.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather by taking walks around the neighborhood.

Well we had a fabulous Easter weekend, as the Jett family came to our place to spend part of their spring break with us! There is never a dull moment with my family :) The weather was rainy and chilly on Friday, so we kept busy with movies, naps, books, and a trip to the mall. We adults also went to the temple.

Don't worry, Lizzie really does like this book ;)

Saturday afternoon was much better. We headed over to the park, complete with tennis/soccer/football gear. That's how we roll!

The field was fairly muddy because of Friday's rain so when Katie went down sliding, the evidence was on her back!

Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine= wonderful.

Kisses from Aunt Katie to Baby Cate

After church on Sunday, Katie, Julia, and Mimi took some pictures for us. I insisted because the girls were wearing their Easter best!

We had a fabulous Easter dinner with my family and the Turman family! Food upon food upon food, with cooking by Mimi, Katie, and me. The Turman's brought some AMAZING potato salad and macaroni salad (I may or may not have had double servings of each...) Chris made a fantastic gooey butter cake to end the night! Fabulous!

We hope you had a beautiful Easter Sunday :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Confession Story & Pictures

For my eleventh birthday, my mom drove me and a few friends to Rio Grande so we could shop. We girls thought we were so awesome; we were going to shop by ourselves!She dropped us off and said she'd be back in two hours--we had two full hours to explore Peebles and Fashion Bug ;)

As we were leaving Peebles, someone said, "I'm hungry," and suddenly we were all ravenous. "Let's go get some wonton soup!" Amanda suggested. (There was a Chinese restaurant in the complex.)

Before I could stop myself, I asked, "What's wonton soup?"

Time stood still. My friends froze in their tracks, and I stumbled as I crashed into them.

"'What's wonton soup?!'"
"You're kidding...right?"

No my friends, I wasn't kidding. What IS wonton soup?

"Wait! Have you ever had an eggroll?"


Gasps all around. "Well, we are going to get Chinese food RIGHT NOW!"

So I had my very FIRST taste of Chinese food on a hot, humid day in August just before I started the sixth grade. Why had I never had Chiniese cuisine before this moment? I soon learned that my dad despises Chinese food--so naturally Chinese was never an option for dining out. It still isn't in the Jett household! Just thought this would be a fun tidbit to share. Love you, Father! :)

Enjoy some shots from the week!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It was time.

I knew it was time to buckle down and really get Liz potty-trained when she smushed her hands down the back of her poopy diaper last Friday night. Lovely, right?

On Saturday night after General Conference and before the Priesthood session, we went to Marshall's and grabbed packs of underwear. We decided to start the next day, on Sunday, since Chris would be home and we'd be watching conference at our house.

We decided that we would try a reward system: for every success on the potty, Liz would get a sticker. I made a chart--when she filled up the chart, she would get ice cream with Daddy. Take her to the potty every fifteen minutes, whether she has to go or not, and gradually extend the time as the days go on.

Sunday, Day 1
Liz got up at 7am, so excited to put on some pretty underwear. Less than ten minutes later, she walked back into our bedroom and said, "Mom, I'm wet." The rest of the day was like that...we had nine accidents total. Liz went through every pair of pants that she currently owns and we did a lot of laundry of course! By the end of the day, she was telling us that she had to go...but it would be just a little too late. She also realized that she did NOT like the feeling of wet pants. Thankfully we had a success to top off the night.
A dry moment of the day, sisterly love

Monday, Day 2
Two successes sprinkled in between six failures, including her first real poopie on the potty. We also went grocery shopping--where she stayed dry--and she remained dry through her nap! Progress, progress!

Tuesday, Day 3
Three successes, only four failures! Every day really got better and better...

By Thursday the successes outnumbered the failures. By Friday, Lizzie's chart was full--not one accident all day!

Friday's record of successes

And every day has been like that since. We'll ask her occasionally if she needs to go, but for the most part, she is quick to tell us when she has to go potty and she goes! In our car rides and at our trips to stores and in the stores themselves, she has stayed dry. We are so proud of our Lizzie, growing up so fast.

So on Friday night we got the ice cream and made some banana splits so we could watch Megamind together! Here she is, enjoying her treat :)

Lizzie was so happy, and so were we!

Cate, we have a while before it's your turn on the potty, but I'm sure Big Sister will be happy to help you :)