Monday, May 24, 2010

Next week is June? Really?!

This is the last full week in May.
Tomorrow I am thirty-five weeks along.
Our third anniversary is next Wednesday.
Two more Sundays until Liz is in nursery (we're not counting this upcoming Sunday because we'll be in NJ). Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!
Five more Mondays until Cate arrives, but it could be four--ultrasound on Wednesday to see if she's still a breech baby!

June will prove to be a busy, busy month :)

We had lots of fun last week, despite my increasing fatigue! haha
Exploring on our daily walks

Found a little berry--crush it with the house keys!

Being silly with Daddy

On Friday, our friend Reed came over while his mom and dad (Lois and Jeff) went to the temple. We had so much fun and we can't wait to have him over again :)
We watched Pinocchio:

We watched the ants swarm the back corner of our patio. Crazy ants! We were blowing bubbles on the patio before the ants decided to attack.

On Saturday, Chris had a scout activity in Poolesville (aka the middle of nowhere). Liz and I went because of the HORSES! Lizzie couldn't get enough of them--she adored them and said hello to every one!

She wanted to explore outside of the barn, so Chris took her on a little excursion and I snapped this picture, which is my current favorite--#1 Daddy!

Chris came home for lunch last Monday and had to take this picture. Isn't it too cute? Nap time for two!

Pure Elizabeth Cheronne:

Me @ 34 weeks:

Monday, May 17, 2010


...does the weekend fly by so quickly when the actual week crawls along so slowly? I ask myself this question every weekend, and I've decided that I will ask Heavenly Father when I see Him. haha! Read on--

We enjoyed some sunshine amongst the thunderstorms. We even visited the fire station with some of our friends in the ward! Liz LOVED it! She was in awe of the huge fire engine.

It looked so big to me, so I can only imagine how much bigger it seemed to Liz! She also sat in the Fire Chief's truck and discovered the radio--she ALMOST pushed the emergency button--that would've been interesting...

Liz also got to try the hand crank that connects the boats to some of the smaller fire trucks:

Here is the group with the fire fighters who gave us the tour:

It's more official with the hat!

Later on, we went to the Clark's for a fabulous dinner--an AMAZING salad (thank you, Meg) and pizza (thank you, Fat Tony). The girls had a fun time together, as usual. They were both wearing green that night--aren't they too cute?
Playing piano

Peekabo with the curtains

Big hug!

So we got cable this week. And it is soooo nice. The ONLY problem I have with cable is it makes it even more difficult to get off the couch, especially when it's nice outside. Don't worry, we haven't become instant couch potatoes, but I am making myself conscious of how much time is spent watching TV, by all three of us. :D

Me at 33 weeks:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miss Breech

Cate is breech! Quite the surprise I discovered at my thirty-three week ultrasound this afternoon!

This means my chance of having a successful VBAC is decreased. There is the definite possibility that Cate will switch her position in these last weeks before June 28th, but there's also the definite possibility that she won't move.

If she remains breech, I will most likely have to schedule a c-section for Cate. There are a bunch of techniques (some wild, some reasonable) that can force her to move. My doc said I shouldn't try them because it puts stress on my existing incisions and it creates a higher risk of tearing my uterus.

That's why I will have another ultrasound in two weeks. If we see that she has moved, I can still try for a VBAC. If she hasn't moved, we will schedule the c-section and my doc said that would happen at thirty-nine weeks (June 21st).

I was a bit disappointed that I may not get to try a VBAC. But in all honesty, I'm not overly devastated in the slightest. I only care about Cate arriving into this world happy and healthy. If it has to happen by c-section, so be it.

It's up to Miss Cate from here! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


What a weekend. There never seems to be enough time! But we did do a lot. We planned on being in NJ for Mother's Day because my brother would be calling home AND because Elder Jeffrey R. Holland would be speaking at my stake center on Sunday night, but we had a few obligations that kept us in MD. :)

Our stake Women's Conference was held on Saturday morning and our ward was in charge of the food for the luncheon. I got there early to help cut fresh fruit, so I was gone from 8:45am until 2pm. This meant that Chris and Lizzie had daddy-daughter time! The conference itself was wonderful. Another ward was in charge of decorations for the tables at lunch--aren't these felt flowers adorable? We were told that we could take the centerpieces I took the littlest jar you see here in the picture, but I took extra flowers so I could place them in my own cups and jars. Too cute!

Chris and Liz took me to Red Robin for a fabulous Mother's Day dinner. Lizzie got a balloon so she was happy. And of course she went to town with dipping her fries in ketchup! *ONE thing we miss about Utah Red Robin restaurants: FRY SAUCE. When I first encountered fry sauce as a freshman in the Morris Center, I thought it was abominable--a disgrace to french fries. But then, at Chris's suggestion, I reluctantly tried Red Robin's fry sauce...and I fell in love. It's fantastic. But no one in the East knows what fry sauce is, so we managed to eat our fries without it ;)

On Sunday morning, I got out of the shower to pancakes, bacon, and eggs, all prepared by my dear husband (and supervised by Lizzie in her high chair)! We were a few minutes late to church because it was SO good. As for gifts, Lizzie gave me one of my favorite movies of all time: Matilda, based on the book by Roald Dahl. Chris gave me a new straightener, a cute maternity shirt, and--you know I'm a mother--a new car seat for Lizzie!

We have been using a Britax for Liz since she grew out of her infant car seat, but we realized that when we need to put that infant car seat in the back seat for Cate's upcoming arrival, the Britax takes up a HUGE amount of space. So we browsed through some stores and found a GORGEOUS Evenflo car seat that also converts to a booster when Liz is ready. Chris put it in the car last night and it looks great. Most importantly, Liz loves it too! The Britax is currently in the living room and Liz has made it her movie-watching chair.

On Sunday afternoon there was a baptism, which is partly why we remained in MD this weekend. One of Chris's boys in the teachers' quorum was a proud brother: his younger brother and sister were baptized! Chris confirmed his sister; it was a great afternoon.

Elder Jett called my cell shortly after we began serving refreshments and I was able to talk to him for a few minutes. It still hasn't REALLY hit me that my brother will be home in less than two and a half months! And he will meet Cate and Liz for the first time!

Some Liz love for you:

Me @ 32 weeks:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend of Weddings

It was a quick weekend in NJ but well worth the drive. On Saturday afternoon we went to Genna Candell and Adam Volchko's wedding at the Cape May Chapel.
Genna and I were in Young Women together way back when (me as a young Beehive and Genna as a seasoned Laurel) and she looked beautiful. As soon as we got their invitation two months ago, I said to Chris that we had to go!

When I first entered the Young Women program, I pretty much hated church and its activities (I know, this is difficult to believe if you know me and my love for anything church related when I was a youth). I left the familiarity and the "big fish" title of Primary to be the lone Beehive amongst a ton of "intimidating" Laurels. I tried keeping to myself, but Genna and Jessica Walker (now Willis) always greeted me and always made sure I felt welcome. They even pushed me inside my mom's van when I made a fit about going to Girls' Camp! I will forever be grateful for both Genna and Jess's kindness to me in my early teen years. I've been to Jess's wedding and now Genna's wedding--I am happy that I was able to see them on their wedding days!
The Jett and Killion Ladies outside of the chapel

Little Miss "I-Can't-Sit-Still-for-ANYTHING-anymore" (Yes, we are very much looking forward to Nursery in less than TWO months!)

Katie and Joe in his fancy new suit!

Katie and Julia

Later that same afternoon, Chris and I hopped in trusty White Chocolate and drove up Rt. 55 to the Sewell Chapel for Rob and Sarah Naval's reception. Beautiful decorations, AWESOME food, good friends, MJ in charge of the music= true Jersey party time! (Sorry no pictures, Katie took our camera to a concert.) But I did steal this from facebook, so you can see the happiness of their day!

Here are some pictures of Lizzie from the week--

Me @ thirty-one weeks: