Tuesday, October 26, 2010



The new camera--a Fuji Finepix--courtesy of my bro-in-law, is fabulous. There are a ton of settings for picture taking; it's slim and lightweight; it's all around amazing. I can edit/crop/rotate/etc. the pictures right in the camera! (Maybe that has been around for awhile but I just found out about it :)

Chris did well on his midterms and papers--thank you to those who wished him luck.
As I wrote last week, we were in NJ for a bit. And as always, we had a ton of fun. The ladies were happy to see Daddy again when he arrived on Friday night.

Katie, Mom, and I picked out the birthday cake for Chris

We celebrated Chris's birthday on Saturday--my old man is now twenty-nine years old! Happy Birthday to Chris! One year older and wiser :D

Look at Cate eying up the cake!

Cate has discovered her feet and now reaches for hanging items above her. She's very close to rolling over. She wants to be on the go! I know it's because Cate sees her older sister running around--I can see it in her eyes. They seem to say, "I can't wait to do that!" On the sad side, she's losing some of her hair :( I hope, hope, hope she doesn't lose her bright red hair! Time will tell.

Lizzie...oh, what to say about my first lady. She keeps me on my toes by testing my barely existent patience! But she truly is a sweetheart. She's always been good with saying "please," but she has recently become very good about saying "Thank you," "I'm sorry," and "You're welcome." Lizzie loves to say her letters and colors. Buzz and Woody are still favorites of hers, along with macaroni and cheese, Handy Manny, and sandals.

The girls are so cute in the mornings!

And on our walks in the neighborhood.

Especially when they fall asleep :)

Oh, since it's become a habit: CONFESSIONS!
#1: I've been baking a lot recently.
#2: The shirts in my bureau are organized by color.
#3: I initially did not want to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when it first came out. I thought it sounded stupid. Believe it or not, it was my brother (yes, BILL, of all people) who convinced me to read it. Thank you, Bill!
#4: I was a sophomore in high school when Alex straightened my hair for the first time, WCHS homecoming 2002.
#5: I was a sophomore in college when I diffused my hair for the first time--for a date with Chris, actually--before we were engaged :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I wasn't going to write a blog because the girls and I are currently in the beloved state of New Jersey. But, here are some confessions for you, as inspired by my good friend Meg C. It is fun to have some confession time in the middle of the week!

1. Sometimes I remember Lizzie needs a diaper change when I see the wet spot on her behind.
2. I recently realized that I'm beginning to like NJ in the off-season more than the summertime...just love the slower pace of the island with the local flare.
3. I hate olives of any kind. But I recently ate some olives (hidden in an awesome dip) and what do you know, I'm still alive.
4. I feel bad that Cate spends a lot of time out of my arms as I run around after Lizzie and as I try to keep the house in order.
5. I smile because I never had to take a math class at BYU. See? I'm smiling.

Well, as I said, we Killion ladies are in NJ. Chris has midterms this week and we wanted to give him a quiet house for studying. Good luck, Daddy--Mom, Lizzie, and Catie are praying for you! :)
We'll get some pictures up soon because I have an AWESOME brother-in-law who gave us an early Christmas present: A NEW CAMERA! Thank you, Uncle John!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eh, why not?

Tuesday Confessions...since I forgot to write some on Friday.

1. The show "Hoarders" on A&E...yes I watch it. I find it fascinating/troubling/interesting. Sad when it involves children.
2. I use my Pantene conditioner on Lizzie's hair after her Johnson's shampoo. Gets those tangles right out AND keeps her hair silky smooth.
3. I vacuumed our TX apartment twice in the time we lived there.
4. After an absence of six months or so, my crazy dreams have returned. They usually include random marriages between people who don't know each other, my high school biology classroom, friends I haven't seen in years, and my mom.
5. I love anything burnt. Burnt popcorn, blackened toast, charred hot dogs--love 'em all.

I don't have much time, but I wanted to share this with you:
I have my hands full.

...No! Really?!

I heard the sentence, "You must have your hands full!" four times in two days.

As if I weren't aware of the fact! Thank you, complete strangers, for reminding me. ;D

Some blurry but cute pictures for you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Full swing into October

General Conference weekend: amazing! What wonderful talks! Chris was nice enough to watch Liz and Cate so I could go to the chapel to hear the Sunday morning session :) We especially enjoyed Elder Larry R. Lawrence's talk during the Sunday afternoon session. Conference weekend always goes by so fast; I wish it didn't!

While we were fiddling with the camera and seeing if we could get rid of the blurriness, Chris found the black and white option and got a picture of me. I kinda like the black and white!

I always get to this point in my post: what happened last week? haha Half the time (okay, more like 85% of the time) I forget something fun we did...oh well.

The weather definitely turned cool this week! I got all the girls' clothes sorted out; they are set for the winter months. As I was rummaging through Lizzie's bins, I found so many cute outfits that I loved. So now it's great to see Cate wearing them!
This is an outfit my friend Amie gave to Lizzie and now it fits Cate perfectly.

I still have my bin of winter stuff sitting on the top shelf in the closet...I'll probably get to that tonight when the girls go to bed!
Lizzie is getting her two bottom molars...thankfully she's only had a few spells of crankiness. I'm thankful that she can now tell me when she's in pain.
Cate is so ticklish; I love it! She's such a cutie...we still get the " beautiful redhead" comments wherever we go :)

Cate always falls asleep when Chris holds her like this!

I've tried holding Cate like this but I don't think Cate appreciates my bony hip :)

When I put hairbows on Cate, Lizzie always asks for one too. Here's the best part--she doesn't rip it out of her hair! Thank you Cate for being the example!

Chris's birthday is coming up quickly (October 23) and I'm looking forward to getting him some great gifts! I'm on the hunt for a new pair of black church shoes and a new reversible belt. Hey, I might even "give" him a camera...which would remain in my possession because I'm the picture taker! mwahahaha

Oh yes: Crazy8= my absolute new favorite store! Google it; I ADORE their clothes. I've already bought Liz a zebra print dress and a jean skirt from their new location at the mall! *Yes it is a kids' clothing store. I don't remember the last time I bought new clothes for me...

If I remember more of what happened last week, I'll add it later on. Or hey, I may forget. We'll see what my brain decides to do.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Confessions

Liz is watching Hercules (or Herkesis, as she calls him) and Cate is napping in the boppy= time to type some Friday Confessions!

1. I hate it when people call their pets babies. They're animals! What would happen if they ever had a human baby? Would it be their pet?!
2. Hercules is definitely the cutest male Disney character. Definitely.
...maybe it's because the movie is shown at least once a day in my house...
3. I want a second car. Preferably within the decade.
4. I wish the weekend started on Thursday. Perhaps it would last longer that way.
5. I'm looking forward to Cate's ear piercing at the end of the month. But I'm also not looking forward to it because knowing Cate, it will be a painful time. (Unlike with Liz, who cried for a total of ten seconds and has never been bothered with her earrings.)
6. I LOVE the Food Network! Easily my favorite channel to watch at night when the girls are in bed and before Chris gets home.
7. I want the floor around Lizzie's high chair to clean itself.
8. I HATE the bugs around this area! I have seen some NASTY creatures that I had never seen before moving here. The worst offenders: stinkbugs that creep into the house through the tiny gap in our sliding glass doors; the ginormous spiders that appear out of nowhere to torture me.
9. I love using onions in the dishes that I cook! Which is funny because I DETESTED onions while growing up. Every time we went to McDonald's as a family, I had a napkin in one hand and the top of my cheeseburger bun in the other hand--one big swipe of napkin would get rid of those little chopped onions for good! Now I use them all the time.
10. I'm comfortable in our 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo. I don't understand why some newlyweds want (and often buy) huge houses as soon as they get married--that's a lot of space to clean and to manage! I'm still working on how to keep THIS place clean!