Monday, March 29, 2010

March showers bring...April in general

I uploaded some pictures for this post and it says they're up...but clearly they're not. ?? Oh well, I move on...

We've had a lot of rain on and off these past two weeks. I hope April brings more sunshine to us! But really, we can't complain because it's so mild outside most of the time. We love it!

Chris and I chaperoned our Stake Prom last weekend. The theme was Venetian Night (something like that) and we had a great time. We danced a fair amount but I'm pretty sure we would've danced more if I weren't six months pregnant. The Heit's were kind enough to watch Liz for us, and thankfully they have a camera that works so they took pictures for us!

Our camera is currently out of the house, sent away for repairs. I lovingly refer to it as The Beast.
It's a bulky thing, but it captured the important moments of my senior year of high school, my freshman and sophomore years of college, and the summers in between. It even took pictures at our wedding--and then it broke, the night OF our wedding! Since then, it's been in storage.
But when our sleek little camera decided to die at Lizzie's hands in Philly, we figured The Beast deserved a second chance. I'm really looking forward to using that 22x zoom once more!

We'll be in NJ this upcoming General Conference weekend. Can't wait for some Jersey love! I had no idea that it is also Easter weekend, so we're looking forward to Easter dinner with my family. I already volunteered to make strawberry pie because I have been craving it! There's an Easter egg hunt on the beach on Saturday morning and I think Liz will love it!

Our technology loves to die on us, and now our laptop can be added to the list. Well, it's not the laptop per se; it's the cord. It's plugged into the laptop but the laptop doesn't register that it's plugged in. So I'm writing this from an older laptop that Chris's dad gave us when he bought a new one. It's great besides the fact that it constantly disconnects from the internet, but it's better than no computer at all!

Saturday the 28th was a big day--this now means there are three months left until Cate's expected arrival. Twelve weeks! I'm going to the OBGYN tomorrow for my glucose test--oh the joy. Well, it wasn't too bad with Liz; I hope it goes well for Miss Cate. Talk to you later!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some scattered thoughts

You may or may not have noticed our heading, which now reads: "Step into the lives of Chris, Mary, Elizabeth, and Catherine." Yep, that's now Catherine with a C.
After some pondering I decided I like Catherine for our newest little lady for a few reasons. First, I want our Cate to be distinguished from her Aunt Kate, my sister. Then I realized making her name Catherine would give her the same initials as Chris: CMK. Pretty cool! More thinking--ELizabeth and Catherine were English queens. How sweet is that? I have always prefered Katherine to Catherine, mostly because my sister is a Katherine. But the more and more I thought about it, Catherine grew on me. I pled the case with Chris, who liked it immediately. So, there you have it: Miss Catherine Michelle Killion. Love it!
My family came down to the temple for the youth temple session on Saturday morning. Liz and I drove over to hang out with Aunt Julia at the visitor center and we strolled the temple grounds too. Gorgeous day! Here's a picture(Sis. Brandt's camera--ours is being repaired!) I took of the youth and the adults, including my two sisters, my brother, and my dad--look who he is holding!

Good news: Wildwood Catholic wil remain open indefinitely! We are overjoyed! Kate and Joe will be WCHS Crusaders next year :) Chris pointed out that Julia will be the only Jett at Margaret Mace...such a crazy thought. Sometimes I still feel like an 8th grader...
Elder Jett is doing wonderfully in Colombia--he had two baptisms this past week. Once the brother sends some more pictures, we'll put them up. Hard to believe he will be back in the United States in August!
Still no DEFINITE law school answer for you. We have our pros and cons for each school. But rest assured, you will know when we make our final decision. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

15 month appointment

This girl is a healthy one, thank goodness!

H: 31.5 inches 75% percentile
W: 20 lbs, 15 oz 20% percentile
HC: 19 3/4 inches ...I forget; I always forget this one!

I'm going to call her Miss Tall and Skinny, because that's what she is :)
She's developing right on schedule, with her vocabulary, speech, etc. Smart lady. She had to get two shots today, but once she was on the ground again, she was fine.

Fun story:
On Saturday, Chris and I were sitting on the couch and Liz was drawing on her note pad. I got up to go into the kitchen to check on our lunch. I was standing at the sink, washing a cup, when I heard the front door open and shut. 'Oh, Chris went outside to check the mail' was my thought and 'Why did Mary go outside?' was Chris's thought. Our eyes meet and we realize that we are both still in the that means LIZZIE is outside!!
Chris jumps up from the couch and I follow him out the door. There's Lizzie, walking towards the ramp. We call to her; she smiles, waves, and takes off! Chris got to her just before she reached the stairs!

Now we lock all three locks when we are inside the house. Locking doors is now a must when we are home and when we leave!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Someone is fifteen months old today...

It's a question we ask ourselves often: WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? It seems like Lizzie was born a few days ago and we're just brought her home from the hospital...

Some Lizzie facts:
*She loves to begin and to end her day with strawberry milk. Does the body good!
*She is very sociable--she loves to say hello and to wave hello to EVERYONE we see when we're out. She also stops people to have a little conversation or to have some of their food if they have any!
*She loves shoes. Good girl!
*Her vocabulary is expanding every day. Some new words include: ear, eye, nose, bath, car, dog, pizza, play.
*She loves to draw, to color, to doodle...sometimes on herself but thank goodness for hairspray! (Spray some hairspray on pen streaks on shirts and wash as you normally would. Takes the pen out every time!--thank you Husband for that)
*She loves to play! The indoor playgrounds at malls and the weekly play group at church are some of her favorite places to be.
*She loves her Daddy and she always gives him kisses when he leaves for work and when he comes home from work.
*She loves books, especially Dr. Suess. This pleases Mom.
*She loves sports, especially basketball. This pleases Dad.
*She is an important member of our family and we know she will be a great big sister!

I would've written on Monday as I usually do, but we've been in Valley Forge, PA for the majority of the week. Lockheed sent Chris up there for some training. Naturally Liz and I had to go because Lockheed and the Fairfield Inn are right across the street from the King of Prussia Mall!
The main focus of shopping this time was Miss Kate, because she's in need of summer clothes! (Kate and Liz--born in different seasons.) Liz got a few things, but I did find a lot of cute summer items for the littler lady, much thanks to

Old Navy

and BabyGap.

So I think Kate will be okay...for now :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

A new week

The University of Florida sent a letter: Chris is in :)
It seems like we heard from a law school every day last week! If this week could be the same, we'd like that too. (Ahem BYU, Baylor--hope you're listening...)

Without pictures, I feel like I have nothing to say! Isn't that funny? Let me think a little deeper...and google some pictures for you.

Oh yes! Saturday was Wildwood Catholic day and we drove up to NJ to see the last (possibly, if WCHS will close) basketball games vs. Wildwood High, our rivals. Both WCHS girls and boys won--excellent games! The gym was packed with people and loud with cheers, just the way it should be. We had Sam's for lunch before the game, so the day was perfect. Go Crusaders!

We've been looking around at baby things...well, things we don't already have, such as a double stroller. Do we want a side-to-side model, or a front-to-back model, like this stroller here?

There are some models we like, but we'll do some more research as we go along.
We're also looking at new bedding for Kate's crib. I'd love another sea-themed set, maybe something with purples and greens: (Sea Aquarium set)

since Lizzie's set is primarily reds and yellows. My parents are graciously giving us the Jett bassinet for little Kate to use during her first couple months, so I guess we'll need to find some bassinet accessories too! Oh how I love baby shopping :)

We've also been researching more law school-related issues, like health issurance. The prices for students (Chris) are reasonable, but everything doubles (or even triples, in some cases) for a spouse, and that's NOT including children! Sheesh! One would think it's encouraged to be single and to forget about a family when you go for graduate degrees. That won't deter us though!

I can't believe it's the first day of March! Here's to hoping spring comes quickly :)