Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First off, a big CONGRATULATIONS to our friends Dave and Meg on the the birth of their new baby boy Scott! He was born last week on 1/11/11 (how cool is that?!). He joins his big sister McKelle as the kids of the family. We can't wait to meet little Scottie!

I hate the winter. We're sickies in this house. Chris was kind enough to stay home with a sick Liz and a sick Cate on Sunday while I went to church so our Primary class wouldn't be left teacher-less. They're slowly but surely recovering, but I'm pretty sure I'm catching whatever is leaving their bodies. Stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, congestion...lovely.

Liz has been a pro on the potty! We bought her a little green potty from IKEA, which she liked to sit on...but nothing ever really happened. So we bought her one of those potty seats that go on top of the "big" toilet. Well, Liz is just fascinated by the idea of going on the "big" potty and she's already gone twice without me asking her if she needs to go.

Lizzie knows when she needs to go and tells me so (sometimes after she has already gone); this has been happening for a few months now. We still have a long way to go, especially since I'm not being very pushy about it, but we are happy with the start! I've read that the ideal time to begin potty training is between 27-32 months, and Lizzie is quickly approaching that period of time. Wish us luck!

Cate said ba-ba for the first time yesterday and she's been babbling that ever since! She's doing so well with eating her baby food; she just gobbles it up! This current cold/congestion has hit her pretty hard. Thankfully it hasn't disrupted her sleep or her eating habits. When she's happy, she's awesome!
Miss "I-like-to-make-noise-at-dinner-time"

Look at these two cuties! What sweet sisters :)

If you're looking for a good movie to rent, we recommend Inception and The A-Team!
Inception was SO GOOD. Very thought-provoking. We were very tired when we began it one night so we watched it again the next morning and we really liked it.
The A-Team was SOOOOOO FUNNY! I loved it! Well, I love Bradley Cooper so that's one reason why I wanted to see it. It did not disappoint!

I feel like soemthing has been lacking from my last few blog posts...and I've realized I've been lacking some confessions! How could I forget those?!

1. Professional pictures of pregnant women creep me out. Which is why I don't have any professional pictures of a pregnant me.
2. I despise winter. Have I mentioned that yet?
3. I watched Jerry Maguire for the FIRST time a few days ago.
4. Yes, Chris knows I love Bradley Cooper. I call him my white celebrity crush.
5. Taylor Lautner is my brown celebrity crush...my young, brown celebrity crush.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mondays, Fundays

We spent the weekend sick. I was sick on Friday, Chris was sick on Saturday, and Cate is now sick. It's pretty easy to tell when Cate is sick--not only is she even more cranky than she usually is, she sleeps a lot. She fell asleep everywhere!

We went to DC on Saturday so Chris could grab a book from the GW bookstore that he needs for the semester. Here he is with the ladies, ready for another day of work and school!

Lizzie has been full of words lately and it is beyond fun to watch her express herself so clearly. The other day we ladies were playing in their room and Lizzie plopped down next to me. She spotted the beach ball across the room and she started to stand up, but then she stopped. She turned to me and said, "Mommy, YOU go get the ball!" I fought the urge to laugh but I told her, "You can get the ball if you want it, Missy." She smiled. "Okay, Mommy." And off she went!
My favorite though was Saturday morning when we were playing in the girls' room. Liz put on her sunglasses and her purse and told me goodbye. When I asked her where she was going, she said, "To college. I'll be back!" She has such a fun personality :)

Cate is eating a variety of foods now. She's tried peaches, pears, bananas, peas, green beans, and oatmeal cereal. Her favorite things to eat are the fruit and veggie puffs! Her face just lights up when I put them on her tray. She's even picking them up by herself and eating them on her own, and you can see the pride in her eyes--"I'm grabbing these all by myself! I'm awesome!"
Last week was Cate's six-month checkup. Her doc was very pleased with her growth:
Weight: 17 lbs, 8oz (80%)
Height: 26 3/8 in (60%)
HC: 18 in (+95%) My girls have big heads for those big smart brains of theirs! haha

I looked at Lizzie's six month stats and they are virtually similar to Cate's stats. Liz was just a teeny bit taller. This past week I've gone through the clothes bins (yet again!) to rearrange and I found a bunch of Lizzie's clothes that will be perfect for Cate during the next few months. Score!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wecome 2011!

Yes, I slacked off during the last part of December. Julia called me the other night and asked, "Why haven't you written a new blog in awhile?!" Here is a review of the last few weeks!

Lizzie is now two years old! We invited the Clark's over for cake and ice cream. It was a Toy Story birthday for Miss Lizzie!

We went up to Jersey the weekend before Christmas so my mom and I could host a bridal shower for my dear friend Alex who gets married in March. It was such a blast! We were laughing and laughing the whole time. Alex got a ton of great gifts and it was so good to see some of our old friends from the Cherry Hill Stake.

We went back to Jersey for Christmas and it was wonderful. Since Lizzie has a concept of Christmas, Santa Claus, and presents, it was so much fun watching her open her gifts. She loves everything Santa brought her, and everything from my family! Cate is obviously a little young to understand Christmas, so she had a great time playing with the gift wrap and boxes that her toys came in.

My good friend Marlee came to MD to visit her in-laws over the break. We were able to spend two afternoons together and it was fabulous! Liz and Cate absolutely loved her! We wish she lived closer but we are definitely happy to see her when she does come up this way! We went to the mall and Liz sat in a train (I forgot to get a picture of Marlee and me!).

We spent New Year's Eve at the Clark's. We watched Toy Story 3 with the girls and then put them to sleep so we adults could watch Salt--which was awesome, if you haven't seen it yet! We actually missed the ball drop because of the movie but that's okay because we ended up talking and laughing for another two hours or so!

We went to the Pistorius house on New Year's Day to watch the Rose Bowl with a fantastic fajita dinner. The Bergs came over too and it was one big party! The kids played so well together and we moms and dads had a fun time. Liz didn't want to leave!