Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow day

I'm so mad--I had a bunch of pictures on my camera that should've been added last month but they were in a weird folder on the SD card. I could not get those pictures into another folder! Nothing worked. So I sent it to the desktop, thinking that would solve my problem and then deleted them from the camera. Well now they're all gone. There were some cute Valetine pictures of the girls, too! Argh. Moving on... Today is a snow day, although it's now turned to rain and slush. We have not gone outside...I have no desire to go outside :) So we made some snowmen inside! They've been in underwear or dress-up clothes all day--such is the nature of a snow day! Cate did not want to take a picture with her snowman, but Lizzie did. we went to NJ during the last week of February. Julia was competing with the MMS Falcons in the Island Tournament and Joe was performing in "The 25th Annual utnam County Spelling Bee" at Wildwood Catholic. (We had to come back home to MD right away because Chris was scheduled to give a talk on the 24th.) Before the day's festivities, we headed over to Clary's for some breakfast. It never disappoints! Sitting in the bleachers at the Crest Pier always brings back memories. From Crest Pier dances to Island Tournaments I participated in, the Crest Pier will never age ;) And best of all, Margaret Mace won the Skills Competition. Go Falcons! We then headed straight over to WC for the play. "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" was interactive with the audience. It was SO funny! We thoroughly enjoyed it, and the girls loved seeing their Uncle Joe onstage. We've been doing our normal routine, going to the mall and playgroups: Dickey's BBQ pit opened just around the corner from us, in the Clopper Mill shopping center. We went there when we lived in Texas and we liked it this time around in Maryland. One afternoon when Cate had fallen asleep in the car on our way home from running errands, I asked Lizzie what she wanted to do. "Let's go shopping, Mom!" (She is truly my daughter.) We stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond. Lizzie wanted me to take a picture of her by her favorite bed on display :) She said it reminds her of newspaper!