Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Irish Fest, Teeth, Soccer, you name it...

Chris took the LSAT on Saturday the 26th. Although he was studying every night for the past two months with the course we bought, Liz and I decided to give him the week free of distractions (aka women!) before the exam.

So where did we go?
New Jersey, of course--the land of the wonderful.

We celebrated my Father's birthday! He's 25! (...plus 20...)

Dad's Birthday lasagna, made by the Jett sisters!

We spent the week watching my siblings' soccer games. (I now remember what the wind off the ocean feels like during a soccer game.)

We were delighted to find out that my brother, Elder Jett, is now a Zone Leader in the Colombia Barranquilla Mission!

He's the man and we are so proud of all the work he is doing.

We ate lollipops when we visited Aunt Katie at her job at Samuel's Fudge and Candy Cottage.

We built forts! (When I say "we" here, I'll be honest and tell you that Uncle Joe, Uncle Vinny, and Aunt Julia built the fort.)

We went to 24th street park to swing with Aunt Julia and Aunt Danielle!

Liz discovered that she loves the piano and she loves her high chair at Pop-pop and Mimi's house.

We can always expect a fun time at Pop-Pop and Mimi's!

After Chris took the exam, we went over to the Seafarer's Festival in the Crest and later that night we went to the Irish Festival on our side of the island. Unfortunately, the vendors had already packed their wares away for the night. All that was left were hundreds of drunk people staggering through the streets. We walked in and walked right out again, headed to Wawa for some hot chocolate, and sat on the Lighthouse benches overlooking the Atlantic.

Liz has her first tooth! She and I both had colds during the week so if she was cranky from the tooth, no one knew it. Julia saw it during Joe's soccer game on Saturday. Check it out!

Click on the picture to see it up close.

Thank you, Aunt Katie and Aunt Julia, for teaching your niece Elizabeth a love for Miley Cyrus songs:

We love NJ immensely, but we are happy to be home again :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My daughter is how old?!

Elizabeth is nine months old as of Sunday. She had her doctor's appointment on Monday and here are her stats:
18 lbs, 13 oz: 50% percentile
28 in. long: 75% percentile
46.8 cm (head circ.): 90% percentile

Lizzie is doing wonderfully, as always. Dr. V is still on maternity leave so we saw Dr. M today. She's nice but I like Dr. V better. Can't wait til she's back!

Currently, her favorite activities include:
taking books off of bookshelves,

playing with Dad's wallet--she knows which one is the credit card,

eating new foods (here she tries a mini cinnamon doughnut),

laughing at everything,

and pulling herself up to everything (here, she watches as the tub fills up for her nightly bath).

Talk to you later!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember the days of September?

In NJ, we always begin school the Wednesday after Labor Day (so yes, it was weird at BYU when school started in AUGUST). It meant a few more days of glorious napping before hitting the books once more:

I'm a bit jealous of my siblings who went back to school yesterday. I even told them so. There's nothing in the world like the feeling of beginning a new school year--excitement, anxiousness, happiness, nervousness, etc. In grade school, I'd have my bookbag ready and my first-day-of-school outfit picked out two weeks before actually stepping into the school building. I can't wait to send Lizzie to school and I hope she looks forward to it every year like I once did. Here is Liz in front of some of my old textbooks from BYU.

Don't worry, I'll encourage her to like math, just like her Dad and her uncles. ;)

We spent Labor Day weekend in NJ of course, and thankfully the traffic wasn't too bad. We've been experimenting with a new way to get up to NJ--mainly to avoid I-495 and parts of I-95 where there's construction--and it's worked out fairly well so far. I helped Katie clean up her mess of a room and she filled up two trash bags' worth of old clothes for our stake's clothing exchange.

The beginning of this month brought cooler weather very suddenly. I now have Liz in her cute little pants (which have to be rolled up; poor girl has inherited her mom's and dad's short legs) and we're back to socks, which we haven't seen in months! I'm enjoying this cooler weather so far--it means we break out the hoodies, we go on hot chocolate runs, and we don't sweat to death during our walks around the neighborhood!
Oh Mom, you caught me!

Swing smiles


I didn't do it, I promise!

Just standing around

My parents are coming down on Saturday to go to the temple, and Julia will be coming along for the ride so she will hang out with Liz and me! (Kate is working and Joe has a soccer game.) Chris is going on a scout trip this weekend--involving canoeing--awesome! Talk to you soon!