Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Days of Summer

Since our last post...

I turned 22! Woo-hoo! It's official--I'm old ;) Ice cream cakes have become the fave of mine.

My brother, Elder Jett, has passed his one-year mark as a missionary. Go Bill!

Chris is one month away from taking the LSAT. He's been studying diligently every night and I know he will do extremely well!

Liz continues to climb, to crawl, to explore everything.

I've made my first German meal--rouladen and hot German potato salad.

We've been to Jersey, of course. We got some more beach time in!

Chris got his first (and not last) taste of Duffer's in Wildwood.

We made a trip up to Gettysburg, PA--which is only an hour away from us--how cool is that?!

We've been to a luau! Cape May always knows how to have a party!

I tell you--summers are, and have always been, my favorite time of the year. There is a permanent excitement in the air! Summer means beach, BBQ, light reading, sunshine, boardwalk, fireworks, playtime--it's the best! I can say with certainty that we are sad to see it go...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Deep in the heart of Texas

The Dallas temple,

downtown Fort Worth at night,



A&D Buffalo's,

...this list goes on!

Our trip to Texas was very nostalgic and very fun. Nostalgic when we first got to DFW because everything we saw seemed to have a good memory associated with it, and fun because Texas is simply a fun-loving, laid-back kind of place. I wish more places would take on those qualities!
Liz finally met her Opa, her uncles, and even her GG (Great-Grandma Killion).
Liz with her Uncle Mark

Liz with her Uncle John

Liz with her Uncle Paul

Liz with her Aunt Millie--she likes to pull long hair

Liz with her Daddy

One morning we drove to Sulphur Springs, TX to meet Grandma Killion. We had lunch at Furr's and John found this really cool park (just like Ocean City, NJ!) and we had a great afternoon!
Liz with Grandma Killion

Four Generations

Liz with John

On her TX car!

Going down the slide with Aunt Millie

We went down to Waco, Texas, which is about an hour and a half ride down I-35 from Fort Worth. Visiting Baylor Law School was our main priority down there, but we had to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum= very cool. I am very happy we stopped by!

Baylor has a beautiful campus right off the Brazos River in Waco. The Law Building is very new, state-of-the-art, you name it! We met with the Associate Dean of Admissions and we were given a tour of the building. Beautiful, beautiful place. There's potential there. ;)

We hung out a lot with Hillary and John. Man, when Chris and John get together we laugh and laugh. I love it! We spent a night with the Aaron's. Papa Murphy's+ The Dark Knight on Blu-ray= A-mazing! Valerie treated Hillary, Samantha, and I to a Girls' Day with lunch at Cheddar's and a visit to Sam Moon. Okay, I love Sam Moon. You walk in, and all you see is purses. Purses, belts, jewelry, handbags, shoes...oh boy it is an experience.

(We went back several times; you can see that Chris and Liz are happy about that!)

Chris's family was kind enough to throw me an early birthday party, complete with gifts,

and an amazing ice cream cake! Thank you guys :)

We had a wonderful time. We wish that TX wasn't so far away from MD so that we could make more frequent trips there. Liz had a wonderful time too; she couldn't get enough of her Granny, Opa, and her Uncles and Aunt. We HAD to take her over to the Fossil Ridge and Park Glen wards on Sunday so our Texas friends could meet her and they loved her too. Everyone loved her! Repeatedly we were asked if she could stay when it was time for us to fly back to BWI. On a few occasions we were told she WOULD be staying in Texas! haha
So now we are back home in MD and awaiting our next North Wildwood trip. Talk to you soon!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh Liz, here it begins!

She's got rhythm, folks--

Get ready,

Get set,


Liz started crawling last Wednesday; here is a short video of her that day!

Liz meets Jasper the dog (Fort Worth, TX):

I will blog about our trip to Texas very soon! Until then, enjoy the videos!