Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Liz loves her Dad in many ways.

She loves his yummy pancakes!

She loves tickles from Dad!

He can make her laugh any day of the week!

She loves spending his money! (Trait inherited from her mother)

She craves football, just like he does!

Most of all, she loves cuddling with her Daddy after a long day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Is Elizabeth six months old? REALLY? Yes folks, it is true. Liz is six months old as of Saturday. I had been thinking about it all week but I was reminded again when Julia called to wish her a Happy Half-Birthday (thanks, Aunt Julie)! Chris and I took her to her six month appointment yesterday and here are the grand results:
Weight: 17 lbs, 10 oz. (90th percentile)

Height: 26 1/2 inches (75th percentile)

Head circumference: 45 cm (90th percentile)

Liz is right on track and we are grateful for her good health (and her great sleeping habits!).

Dr. Wendy was as happy as can be and is very pleased with Lizzie's progress. We really like her as Liz's new pediatrician. She is pregnant herself and is due in July so we won't have her for Liz's nine month checkup, but that's perfectly fine. She'll have one of her own to look after!

As some of you know, Liz and I flew to Utah this past week for my friend Ashley's wedding. Ashley Walters and I met during our freshman year at BYU--we lived a few doors down from each other on the 4th floor of beloved U Hall in Deseret Towers. Ashley's wedding was also an occasion for a reunion, as Lisa flew up from Ecuador and Lindsay drove down from Canada.
This was us four years ago--

This is us now!

It was freshman year all over again and I loved every minute of it! Chris and Ashley's big day was beyond wonderful and I am so happy that we were able to be there. Their sealing was so beautiful. I found myself tearing up because I remember being in their positions like it was yesterday. Here are some pictures of the happy couple!

The week before the wedding was fun and crazy. We ate at Cafe Rio three times and we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. Lisa and I managed to get down to Provo on Tuesday and we were able to see the Lee's, the Holden's, and the Stapley's! BFFs Liz and Emrie were able to catch up--

Also stopped by University Mall--where Lise, Bri, and I got some great shopping in!

All in all it was a beautiful week but I must say I am happy to be back home with my husband! Chris made it especially nice by having some presents waiting for us when we got back: a new dress for Liz (the one Emrie is wearing in the above picture, actually!) and some new flavors of baby food to try; new shoes for me (the hott yellow ones from payless!) as well as a new Vera Bradley to add to my collection--a traveling contact lens case in Cupcakes Green. Thanks Husby!

Our next big trip: off to Texas at the end of July to see Chris's family. We are very excited to go back to DFW!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The best two years

...I'm fidgeting in my chair. I cannot sit still. We're at the hotel and my mom is doing my hair. At this point, I don't care what she does with it and I tell her so: "Mom, whatever you want to do is fine. As long as it looks decent, I'm happy." So away she goes with the curling iron.
The rest of the family is rushing back and forth from room to room, making sure that everyone is close to ready and that everyone knows how to get to where we are going. Pretty soon my mom announces that she is finished with my hair and I slip on my shoes. I had heard something about breakfast downstairs and I am STARVING so I run down to take a look. I grab an apple and some orange juice because that is all I have time for. Besides, I think that is all my stomach will hold right now.
And off we go to the Washington D.C. Temple...

This was what going on at exactly this moment in time two years ago. I, Mary Jett, was on my way to be married to Christopher Killion for time and all eternity. I'm not exactly the type that fantasizes about her wedding years before it happens, but I must say that I had always wanted to be married in the summer because summers are my life and they define me. That glorious June morning was vivid with sunshine, bright with family, and filled with friends.
About two hours later we emerged from the temple as husband and wife,

sealed with the blessings of heaven and delirious with excitement. After all, we had a long engagement by LDS standards--six months. That beautiful day went by so fast and I felt that I was floating on clouds.

We couldn't stop smiling and we didn't want to stop smiling either.

At our reception, many people who walked through our lives in some way showed their love and support of Chris and Mary Killion as we all laughed, sang, and danced our way into the night.

That little Cape May Branch building was alive with happiness and I'll never forget that day.

On Saturday (May 30, 2009) Chris and I went to the temple and we took shifts; Chris did a session and then I did a session so we could watch Liz. While Liz and I were strolling through the temple grounds as Chris was inside, four different couples were coming out of the temple. I stood off to the side and watched them with a smile, remembering all the emotions that ran through my veins on my day. I walked all around the temple and saw couples who were posing for pictures and I fondly recalled the hour we spent posing in pictures around the temple. Everything about that day makes me smile.

Two years is a long time. It's the length of a mission that my brother is currently serving. It's the length of half of my sister's high school experience. It's the length of an MBA that Chris may receive in the future. Two years' worth of time means different things to different people, but today, two years means eternity for me. It is the eternity I willingly and lovingly share with my husband and my daughter (and my future children).

To my Chris: I married you because I love you and I always will. It still amazes me that you have decided to support me and to care for me for the rest of your life. I thank you for that. We have done a lot in two years, including the expansion of the Killion family with the addition of Elizabeth! There isn't anyone else who I would rather call "Husband": you hold that title for me and I am so glad you do. I am proud and honored to be your wife, "Mrs. Killion."