Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Before we took off for New Jersey, we went to the library. Always fun at the G-town libary!

Being a superhero is a tough job.

But someone has to do it! Lizzie's current favorite: Super-reader!

One of the highlights of our Thanksgiving week in NJ was Wildwood Catholic's production of MAME! (Pop-pop was kind enough to watch Cate while we went to WCHS; Lizzie joined us and did so well, sitting in her seat for nearly three hours.)

My sister Katie was Mame Dennis, a wealthy socialite whose life suddenly changes when she gains custody of her nephew Patrick.

My brother Joe played Ito, Mame's Japanese butler--accent and all. He was absolutely hilarious!

One of my favorite scenes was Vera (played by Sarah) and Mame's song, "Bosom Buddies." It was perfect for Sarah and Katie because they are such good friends in real life!

I also enjoyed the scene where Mr. Burnside brings Mame down south to meet his family--lots of dancing!

Coming onto the stage after the show--

Standing ovation, of course!

All in all, it was a very enjoyable night. I am so proud of Katie and Joe. They performed so well--all I heard throughout the night was "Your brother and sister are AMAZING! They are so talented!"

Thanksgiving day was busy but productive! We talked about the food we wanted on the table and made up a schedule for the execution of the dishes. Despite some doubt (cough cough MOM haha), everything made it on to the table without trouble! I think the cooking schedule needs to be an annual thing!
Our list of required items

Our time table

Check out the Mame apron!

Julia at the stove--

Checkerboard sweet potatoes made it on to the table for the first time this year--they are definitely a keeper.

The table full of food! Happy Thanksgiving to us!

Later on, my mom and Liz had a fun time building towers with dominoes. Lizzie was very protective of the tall tower!


On Saturday we all headed down to our neck of the woods because the Cape May youth had a temple trip.

Lizzie being silly!

Mom, Dad, Kate, Joe, and Chris went inside. Julia and I stayed with Cate and Liz and we went to the Visitors' Center, where we ran into...Havalah and her boy Luke!

(Brigg joined us soon after.) What a pleasant surprise!
Havalah and I lived on U Hall's 4th floor in Deseret Towers as freshmen, and we joined forces once again as Resident Assistants the following year (in U Hall). It was SO nice to catch up and meet each others' kids. Luke is a cutie who has red hair, just like Cate! :)

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NJ Nov. Weekend #1

We enjoyed one of the library's discovery rooms on Thursday afternoon. The kids have such a great time!

Even after our time was up in the discovery room, the older kids enjoyed reading books and picking out some books to take home.

Cate and Blake enjoyed the fish in the enormous tank!

We drove up to NJ later that night without any problems. (It helps to leave at 9pm--we ladies picked up Chris from GW and off we went!) We love driving through the city to get to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. "Look Mom, look Dad! It's the CAPITOL!" Lizzie always makes sure we don't miss it!

(I didn't take that picture but isn't it gorgeous at night?)

The best picture of the drive? Two sleepy ladies :)

On Friday night Chris and I treated Katie to dinner at P.F. Chang's in Atlantic City. The reason? Completing her BYU application essays early. Her entire BYU app is finished and will be processed soon, we hope! (I didn't take a picture because Katie happened to comment that she hates it when people take pictures at're welcome, Katie! hahaha)

On Saturday, we headed over to the chapel for Kelsie and Michael's wedding. My mom helped Pinkie all week with decorating and other wedding necessities so it was nice for us to see the finished product. Everything looked absolutely wonderful! The bride and groom were smiling ear-to-ear the entire time. We wish them the very best!

We had a fabulous time! The Candell's know how to throw a party!
Nice face, Julia ;P

Mom with her Catie lady

The girls found a toy from the Mothers' room!

Mom, Kelsie, me

Cutting cake!

Lizzie danced the ENTIRE time! I kid you not. She danced more than I did. She stole the show in the moves department ;)

After awhile, she had a friend join her!

We will be back in NJ for Thanksgiving. Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November is in full swing here in the DC Metro area, if you look at the trees.

But temperature-wise, it feels like early September! Mid to low sixties all week. No winter jackets for us!

We made some turkeys this week! Cate just wanted to sit on my lap and read a book,

but Lizzie enjoyed the craft. She made one for Daddy too!

This is Sophie and Lizzie at their dance class today--isn't this the CUTEST picture? I love it. Such sweet friends they are!

We went to the Montgomery Mall for their Kids' Day. We were late because of the dance class, but we didn't leave without...FACE PAINTING! The girls were in awe!
Lizzie requested a butterfly. She wasn't disappointed!

Every time Lizzie passed a mirror, she'd stop to admire.

Cate didn't sit long enough for glitter but she still looked so cool!

My butterfly girls with their telescopes

Per Lizzie's request, we redboxed "Barbie Princess Charm School" two days ago. They put on princess clothes and danced to their hearts' content!

Cate kept stopping to admire her skirt.

We're off to NJ this weekend for a wedding of a dear childhood friend of mine, Kelsie. Talk to you next week!