Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hey There!

We've had a lot going on during these last couple of weeks... The girls have been busy being super cute,
saving the world,
watching $1 movies on the big screen,
swimming (and consequently sleeping),
eating ice cream,
riding in fire trucks,
participating in Park Pals,
going to the dentist,
and spending time with friends.
What have you done with your summer fun? We hope you've had a wonderful July--welcome, August! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mimi and Julia's Visit!

We love going up to Jersey, but we love having our family stay with us too! The Jett's and the Killion's met up in Delaware and we took Mimi and Aunt Julia back to Germantown with us. On our first morning together, we drove to Cunningham State Park to hike up to the falls. (The girls and I did this earlier in the spring with some friends from our ward.)
Mom and Julia in front of the falls. They loved the falls and the hike!
The girls wanted to relax on the bench.
Julia had to jump into the stream!
Lizzie and Cate remembered the flat rock from last time, so that's where we hung out while Julia walked in the stream.
Julia and me
We went to the pool when we returned to G-town. The water felt so good!
On the morning of the 4th, we went to our ward breakfast. Julia managed to snap a picture of some of the kids! I guess Cate didn't want to get her picture taken ;)
After the breakfast, we went to Hagerstown to check out some outlet deals. The girls found a ride there!
I'm so mad that I didn't take any pictures of our pizza/BBQ party at the Morgan's, but I have to say it was a blast! Such good food...great company...fun games for the kids...what a party. Thanks Morgan's for hosting! At the party, we decided we'd go downtown to see the fireworks with the Cleaves', the Heit's, the Morgan's, and the Stake's. We are so happy we made that decision. We LOVED it! The kids had so much fun together!
We HAD to get pictures in front of the Washington Monument.
Right above the Potomac and the Washington Monument, the fireworks were truly incredible.
We went swimming every day that Mimi and Julia were here. It sure was nice having extra hands to help me at the pool!
We definitely miss having Mimi and Julia around. We loved having them here and we look forward to another visit :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cate's Birthday

Before Mimi and Aunt Julia's visit, we went to the $1 movie with friends! We saw Happy Feet 2 and Cate stayed on my lap the entire time. I was beyond impressed.
And we spent some mornings/afternoons at different parks.
On June 30, Cate turned two. Can you believe it? (I still can't.) Where those two years went is a mystery, but Cate is more than happy to tell you that she is now 2. In honor of her birthday, we drove to one of our favorite places: National Harbor--The Peep Store!
The Birthday Girl with her birthdat stash!
The girls with the "Muscle Man"
We had the Heit's come over for cake and ice cream.
Cate liked it ;)
This was Cate's face when she opened each of her presents.
Happy Birthday, Cate! You may provide us with a lot of anxiety but you always have a kiss and a hug ready to make up for that. Our family would not be the same without your red hair and blue eyes. We love you, Catie Baby!