Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello there April

My last post is entitled Snow Day. Over the course of this month of April, we have seen much warmer weather. We've had 75* days with plenty of sunshine, but there are still those days of 50* and cloudy skies. It's April after all! But I have gone through the winter clothes and packed some away. When I brought out the summer gear, the girls were ecstatic. Cate is pretty particular about clothing in general, so I think she likes the fact that she is wearing less clothing now than she was a month or two ago. This picture sums up their attitude about springtime. Happy, happy, happy! We've been to parks quite a bit this month. Nothing makes Lizzie and Cate happier than running to park to play with friends. Hey, it makes me happy too, I must say! I love talking to my friends and watching our kids play together. I hope you've had a great month! We'll see you in May...when I try to be more consistent with my posts :)