Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The rest of May--catchup

This summer has been flying by! I think it feels shorter than past summers because Chris had a summer term class that lasted from May 20-June 11. It sure is nice to have him home for dinner and bedtime...until the end of August when school starts up again. My sister Katie received her mission call and opened it on Mother's Day. She will be serving in the Washington Kennewick Mission, Spanish speaking! Katie will report to the Mexico City MTC on September 25.
We spent the week in Jersey after Katie opened her call. It was before all the shoobies came down, so the island was pretty peaceful. (Scary thought--I am now considered a shoobie...I don't live in NJ anymore ;D) We saw Julia play some softball; we were able to say goodbye to Becca Walker, who is currently Hermana Walker serving in Paraguay; we ladies went to Ashley Perez's baby shower; we had tons of fun all around!
Lizzie finished her spring soccer camp. Soccer Saturdays were so much fun and we loved them! Thank you to Coach Dave and Coach Meg for making it happen!
The Jensen family came to DC to see their sister's graduation, so we met up for the day after four long years apart. We had a great time catching up and seeing our sweet daughters interact with each other. Can't beat the National Zoo and Potbelly's :)
Cate fell asleep so she missed out on the final picture ;)
Uncle Bill and Sarah came to visit us for a few days. We love visitors :) They even treated us to an evening of Chuck E. Cheese!
We also went downtown to check out some places on the National Mall.
Pop-pop and Mimi came down to see us too. We spent some time in Fredericksburg checking out the Civil War sites.
To cap off the end of the month, my friend Katie and I threw Lois a baby shower! Katie graciously opened up her home to friends and family (and children!) for a fun luncheon to celebrate the new boy coming to the Heit family. We loved the idea of throwing mustaches on everything blue, green, and orange.
Here is Lois and me, post-shower. Thank you Lois for letting us celebrate on your behalf ;)
And there is our month of May. Here's to getting our summary of June up and running shortly!