Monday, May 23, 2011

To White's Ferry and beyond!

Having Cafe Rio so close to us, after having it out of reach for so long, is quite nice. Chris said today that he doesn't remember going there too often while in Provo but since its arrival to the East Coast, we've been there a few times! Cafe Rio is awesome! We went with the Heit's on Friday night and enjoyed every bit of it. After eating pure deliciousness, we adults talked for a while while Reed and Liz had fun at the table next to us haha.

On Saturday morning, I went to the church to help out with the Primary Activity. The Primary kids got their very own "mission calls" to France, Latvia, Haiti, or Madagascar--what a great time! Lizzie came for the first part, when the Sunbeams learned all about the Haitian culture.

After the activity, we met up with the Clark's and drove out to the boonies to go on White's Ferry, which would take us to Leesburg, VA for some outlet shopping. We drove alllll the way there only to find out that the ferry was closed for the day! But, no worries, we came prepared for a picnic lunch at the park. We packed hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, chips, potato salad, the works!
A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead!

Cate likes to put her feet up


The girls playing with bubbles

Some other pictures from the week:
Lizzie got inside Cate's diaper box

Liz trying on Mom's shoes

Miss Cutie Cate, during lunch

Lizzie lady

Being silly!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet 'Fangs'

...also known as Cate!

Yep, teeth #3 and #4 have broken through and she's as cute as ever.

We enjoyed the sunshine while we played at the park this week, before all the weekend rain.
Lizzie getting ready to run!

Andelyne and Cate, chatting in the shade :)

Some swing time!

A tasty but messy snack...teething biscuits

We went to the park by our house with the Clark's too!
The girls colored for awhile before we left.

Trying to sit together in the stroller...they love to be silly and have fun :)


Sleeping Cate

Sleeping Scottie

On Saturday we went to the Lancaster County Dutch Market FOR THE FIRST TIME! (Only took us two years haha!) It was incredibly awesome. Definitely reminded us of Cowtown in Woodstown, we will certainly be going back! We also went to the Germantown Library for a great booksale, where we picked up a ton of books for us and for the girls--everything cost us $6.75. We went up to Frederick for some Costco and Walmart shopping, and we browsed through the Key Mall. It was a fabulous Saturday!

Other favorites:
Cate crawling around the mall playrground

Lizzie in her Sunday dress

When I checked on the girls last night before I went to bed, this is how I found Miss Lizzie!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A moment of peace

I have a moment of peace bcause Chris has both girls occupied in the kitchen, baking some chocolate chip cookies. I like to say that Cate "supervises" from her high chair while Liz is the supreme sous chef. They love to be involved! Needless to say, we love having Daddy around after he comes home from work, now that school is over for the summer.

Last week we spent some time with the Clark's and we had so much fun. I mostly took some pictures of the little ones because they are too cute!

Chris wanted to buy Liz some sports equipment/fun things for the summer so we went to Five Below. The girls loved the purchases, as you can see--couldn't even let them go in their sleep!

We spent the weekend up in NJ. The weather was absolutely perfect! We had a wonderful time! On Saturday we went to the Cape May County Zoo. Everyone had a blast! Even Baby Cate who refused to keep her hat on her head. I keep reminding her that she is a fair lady who will burn...she listens sometimes :)

The zoo has really improved since I was a kid. They now have a gift shop, food court, merry-go-round, train, etc. We had to try some of it out!

As I said, the weather was gorgeous so we had to go to the beach for some exploration! It was too breezy to swim but that was okay.

Later on Saturday night was the Cherry Hill Stake Prom and after a bit of coaxing, Katie and Chris convinced me to go. I am so glad I did! What a great time...brought back lots of memories of my own Stake Prom. :)
Cape May ladies with their "chaperones" hehe

Katie and Mom

Ashley is home from UVU and she ended up coming too, so it was a blast from the past for the both of us!

Mother's Day was wonderful. Chris gave me a beautiful pair of peridot earrings and a new Vera Bradley baby bag in Paprika. Lizzie made an adorable card for me in Nursery and she actually drew smiley faces inside! Julia made a sweet picture frame for me and the family gave me a big bar of cherry blossom soap in a cute tin. The girls even played a song for me ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011


In the midst of the isolated thunderstorms, the weather keeps getting better and better. We love it and we are enjoying as much sunshine as we can!

Here are some fun pictures from playgroup this past week:
Lizzie and Hannah in the car!

Lois and the very handsome Mr. Blake

Ariana with Rachel, a good friend of Cate (who was actually sleeping at this point)

Lizzie and Sophie :)

Lizzie and the horse

Sophie's mom, Bethel, got a great video of the girls climbing the rock wall. YES, you read that correctly--they climbed the rock wall! (Sorry, I had trouble uploading the video.) After the first couple of times with some help from us mothers, the girls were quite proficient all by themselves. Now we really have to keep an eye on them when we are at this particular park!

On Friday night we went to CAFE RIO in Olney!

And yes, it was incredibly fantastic. We went with the Clark's and we saw the Pistorius family there too! We just love our Cafe Rio :) I'm already thinking about when we will go next...

We went to DC on Saturday. After Chris sold some of his textbooks back to GWU, we decided to take in some sights since it was a beautiful day! We walked a TON!
First we stopped by the World War II Memorial. We walked in through the Atlantic side, how appropriate since we live by the Atlantic Ocean!

We had to get a Texas picture, of course.

And a Jersey picture.

And we should've walked over to Maryland for the family picture, but the Jersey post did just fine ;)

The girls LOVED the fountain, especially the ducks swimming there!

Onto the Washington Monument! Lizzie kept telling us how tall it is. We wanted to go up but tickets were sold out for the day.

I just love how the top of the Capitol Building "sits" right beside the base of the Monument!

From the Washington Monument, we headed toward the Jefferson Memorial--my personal favorite.

Lizzie ran around for some exercise, but thankfully Chris caught up to her before she really ran away!

We walked through the FDR Memorial after we left the Jefferson Memorial.

We also passed the Korean War Memorial.

Then we reached the Lincoln Memorial!

Here is the Gettysburg Address.

And Abraham himself!

The Lincoln Memorial from the front.

On the way home,
Lizzie read The Jungle Book.

Cate FINALLY dozed off.

Mom and Dad rested their legs!

It was a VERY fun day and we can't wait to do it again!