Friday, July 29, 2011

Surviving in the heat

While it has been pretty hot here in Maryland, it feels relatively nice when compared to the days we spent in Texas. There's actually a BREEZE here!

Every Thursday morning, we head over to Gaithersburg (usually with the Heit's, Turman's, and Reese's) to the City Hall Concert Pavilion. There's always a show of some sort--puppet shows, music, dancing, everything fun for kids. Last week an Irish folk singer had plenty of songs to keep the kids entertained!

Cate keeps cool with her juice

We sometimes head to the park right next to the pavilion to let the kids play after the show, but it was way too hot for that. We went to Costco instead! Smoothies and frozen yogurt are good for you in such hot, sticky weather!

Lizzie loves the movie Cars, so Chris took her to see Cars 2 last weekend. She was so excited to see the movie "on a REALLY big TV!"

One problem...she fell asleep on the way to the theater and she wouldn't wake up! After a few unsuccessful attempts to wake Liz, Chris put her back in her car seat and they came home, where she continued to nap. They're going to try again tomorrow! :)

On Saturday we headed over to the Heit's to celebrate Jeff's birthday! Lois made a FABULOUS chocolate cake, complete with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, in addition to homemade strawberry sorbet. Heaven on a plate. It was such a fun night with the Heit's and Turman's, as always. The kids had to help with the candles!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Cate is climbing on everything and taking more and more steps around the house. She's gaining more confidence daily. She has recently learned how to pull herself up to the Toy Story table so she can join Lizzie at lunch time.

Cate has also learned how to climb onto the coffee table and dance! Lizzie joined her--aren't they so much fun?

Busting a move ;)

Superstar sisters!

At this week's show in the pavilion, Eager Beaver and his friends did some magic tricks for the kids. Lizzie ran up to the front of the stage like she usually does, but this time when they asked for volunteers, she ran RIGHT onto the stage! She loved helping and holding the magic hat!

We've done some shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this week (another NJ wedding reception next month!) Lizzie found these tiny alarm clocks--that's what she's holding in her hand.

See you next week!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Texas Post

One word that sums up our trip to Fort Worth: hot.

Literally. Figuratively too of course, but we are talking about actual degree temperatures here.

After a semi-successful plane ride (semi because Cate screamed for a solid hour and would not sit still; successful because we finally made it to DFW), we got our luggage fairly quickly. We headed outside since John and Hillary were just about to pull up to the curb. The sliding doors parted...and the sauna commenced. The heat was incredbily intense. We learned it was 101 degrees.

It was 9:30pm. Unbelievable.

What do you do in Texas when your skin sizzles at the mere exposure to sunlight?

Swim! *I've decided that if we move to Texas, we WILL have a pool.

It was refreshing, so relaxing--Cate especially thought so because she fell asleep in her float.

A big thank you to Aunt Hillary for letting us swim!

Staying indoors is the another good way to beat the heat.

We found a McDonald's with an indoor playground for the girls when we met up with Great-Grandma Killion in Sulphur Springs, TX.

We found a mall with playgrounds for the little ones and we had a great reunion with dear friends at the same time. Temple, TX was the meeting place for the Killion's and the Stapley's, since we found ourselves in the same state!

**We figure that the halfway point for a four family reunion of Killion, Stapley, Holden, and Lee is somewhere in the we need to plan that! ;)

We had fun indoor projects to keep us busy--adding to the Killion family handprint wall!

The story behind the handprint wall goes like this--when the Killion family moved into the house, the entire kitchen was wallpapered. The biggest wall with wallpaper was scuffed up and scratched from chairs or whatnot so they got rid of the wallpaper. Wondering what to do with that large blank space, Chris suggested that every family member place his or her handprints on the wall. When I met Chris's family in November 2006, my hands got their spot on the wall. Lizzie, Cate, and Hillary now have their hands on the wall!

We went to the Dallas Temple (how I love this gem of a temple). This is the temple we attended for the first year of our marriage so I'm always nostalgic when we visit.

Hillary and I saw the midnight showing of Harry Potter at the Movie Tavern! We had such a fun time. Check out our Harry Potter 3-D glasses--they're pretty sweet, I know!

We had such a wonderful time in Texas. We truly did. It went by way too fast (it always does) and Chris is already trying to plan next year's trip there. We loved spending time with the Killion family and the girls definitely loved every minute with Granny, Opa, Uncle John, Aunt Millie, Uncle Paul, and Uncle Mark. Thank you for a fabulous time!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Catie Baby turns 1

Really. It's true. Wasn't this perfect little peach born yesterday? I feel like she was!

But yes, Cate is now a year older and wiser. The Birthday Girl!

We went to a outdoor concert in Gaithersburg with the Heit's and the Reese's. The kids were invited onto the stage for one song and Lizzie ran right up there.

We had a small party for Cate, just us family :) I've made funfetti cakes for Lizzie for her birthdays so I figured I would keep up the tradition!

Cate and her cake--she's definitely thinking: what is this?

First taste

This is good!

Would you like some, Mom?

Miss Messy after all

The girls loved every bit of their cake and ice cream :)

Cate got cards from Grandma Killion and Granny & Opa, and I am told there are gifts awaiting her the next time we go to NJ. :D

Here's what's been happening lately with the Killion's...

Reed, Lizzie, Andrew at the Unicycle Lady's show in G-burg

Lounging by the pool :)

Park fun!