Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Add one more!

The director of admissions at the University of Utah called Chris tonight to tell him that they've accepted him! CHRIS IS THE MAN!

Keep them coming, schools! We want to hear from Florida, BYU, and Baylor...

Monday, February 22, 2010

And we're now two and a half for three...

Chris has been accepted to Texas Tech University School of Law! Good job Husband! Wife and daughters are proud of you!
We say he's now 2.5/3 because being waitlisted at UVa isn't technically rejection--it's like an acceptance...just not quite. Oh you know what we mean! :) So now we have options in PA--Penn State, DC--George Washington, and TX--Texas Tech. And with those options comes the decision making...

Well, besides that piece of good news, the only things that have kept the Killion house on its toes for the past week are TEETH. More specifically Lizzie's top two teeth which refuse to give her a break! She's been rather unlike her usual happy self--cranky, screamy, etc. WE CANNOT WAIT TIL THEY BREAK THROUGH!

We've had enough of these gray skies and frigid weather, and I echo my friend Jess: we're ready for some spring sunshine and warmth! All the stores seem to be on board; they've got all their light, spring dresses and clothes out already. I'm down with that!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 vs. 1 in this corner!

The newest member of the Killion family is a girl, as evidenced below! (If you click to enlarge the picture, you can see it better.)

She's measuring perfectly in every way and the doctor is very pleased with her growth. June 28 is still her due date.

I think because I've been telling myself BOY for awhile, it just registered in my mind that way. This pregnancy has been very different from Lizzie so I thought this must be a boy. This just goes to show that it doesn't matter what foods you crave, it doesn't matter how much you throw up (or don't), it doesn't matter what you may tell yourself because the Lord will tell you!

We are so happy for another girl. She and Lizzie can grow up together, play with the same toys...and when they are older, they may fight over the same shirt or the same boy! Whatever the future holds, we are excited to have two little girls from heaven placed in our care. Chris will be outnumbered for the next few years but he's okay with that ;)

As for names, we're thinking about Katherine (after my sister). That way we could call her Kate. Kate Killion. How cute does that sound, honestly?! I love nicknames! We are going back and forth between Michelle (after Chris's sister) or Rachel (one of Chris's favorites) for a middle name...all of these names we talked about before we were even married, so we know we want to use one of them. We shall see!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Pretty sure we moved AWAY from Utah in April but oh do I feel like I'm back out West. My family in NJ got 20+ inches--a true record for the area--and DC got even more than that.
North Wildwood had no power for four days. Many parts of the island still have no power. My family JUST got their power back tonight, thank goodness.

No pictures...wait, I do have a few, but I'll have to dig out our backup camera to put them up.

So, we're alive. Thought we'd let you all know!

And it's snowing again as we speak...gotta love it. ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pictureless but surviving

Okay I lie. I have SOME pictures for you. They're about two weeks old, but hey, pictures are pictures!

Let's see...what's up with the Killion's?

--Chris got wait-listed at UVa (University of Virginia). Considering that they're a top 10 school, we're pretty happy that it wasn't a complete rejection. Wait-listers at UVa HAVE been known to receive offers for acceptance... the day before class begins. Well, we can't wait around to see if that will happen, so it's probably a goodbye to UVa. Sorry, Charlottesville--we liked you! Liz especially liked your classroom doors:

We are now waiting to hear from a few more schools, including BYU. We shall see...
--Liz is walking more than ever! She looks so cute when she walks--she's a little person now! Here's a picture from awhile ago, when she first started becoming steady on her feet. She had that look on her face every time she tried walking. Now she looks likes she's concentrating.

Liz is having a tough time with her top four teeth. They just won't break through! I hope they come NOW because she gets so cranky! She likes to cuddle with Dad on her difficult nights:

--Baby #2 is sure a hungry fellow! (Yeah, I've pretty much decided this is a boy... I've got these GREAT love handles that I never had with Liz. That obviously means BOY ;D) Grapefruit is a current favorite. Hmmm, I just finished up a bag so we'll have to get some later tonight. And those Pasta-Roni side dishes? Wonderful. We just bought a ton of those because I go through them pretty quickly. I felt him kick for the first time on Wednesday and that was so nice.
--Me? The Mom?

Well, you can ask Chris--I'm out as soon as I put on my pjs and lie down in bed. Out like a light. I'm fine during the day, but once Liz is asleep, my eyes can't stay open. Just preparation for the sleepless hours with Baby #2.

We'll be in NJ next week...so I want to have my professional Fuji fixed (which isn't the camera that just broke, btw) or a new camera altogether. I'll talk to my accountant and we'll see what we can do ;) Talk to you later!