Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The Clothes edition of Confessions

1. I rarely iron clothes. Rarely.
2. My idea of comfort as a teen= basketball shorts, hoodie, and my rainbows.
3. I once had 15+ pairs of jeans. I've cut that number down to six after my pregnancy with Cate, mostly because my body is very different after having two children!
4. I have more green and blue shirts than any other color shirt.
5. While clothes shopping (for me, the girls, Chris), I never look at regular priced items--I head straight for the sale section!
6. When I was young, I never wore brown because I thought it would clash with my skin tone.
7. In my closet, I have a skirt from the 8th grade...which I still wear! It's one of my all time favorites--plum and lilac paisley.

Monday, March 28, 2011

No reminders

I decided to beat Julia to the finish line--write a post BEFORE a reminder from her. Surprise, surprise! :D
So we'll just look away when Mom says "SMILE!"

Lizzie loves to help in the kitchen. These pictures are from the past two Sundays, hence the pretty church clothes.

Lizzie loves to "prinkle" salt, pepper, and cheese onto dishes. If spices need to be measured, I usually let her drop them into the bowl. When we made cookies on Friday night, she helped roll the dough into balls, "roll around and around and around," as she says.

Drumroll please....say hello to Miss Catherine M. Killion's very first tooth!

Here is the closeup.

Cate has been extra cranky this week because of her new tooth. Both her top and bottom gums are swollen; more teeth are ready to make their debut--soon, I hope! In the meantime, she'll be right back after a quick nap ;)

Since Chris finished his oral argument and paper, he declared Saturday to be a break from school. We loved having our daddy with us ALL day. It was THE best!
We went to Tyson's Corner in McLean, VA. I had to get a picture of this:

We've seen handicapped parking, we've seen family parking, we've seen expectant mothers parking (thank you UT). But this marks the very first time we've seen HYBRID parking. So you better believe we took advantage of it! haha Best parking spot we've ever had at a mall!

Yesterday was Reed's birthday and we Killion's and the Turman's were invited to the Heit's for cake and ice cream.
Here is Reed with his awesome Batman cake!

The kids LOVED it and they were so excited to EAT Batman!

Reed digging into our gift.

Happy Birthday Reed! We were happy to celebrate with you :)

We are very much looking forward to the end of the semester to have THIS Dad around the house!

April 27th: last final for Chris= the end of the first year of law school! It also means the beginning of a fun summer :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Not merely a request from Miss Julia E. Jett. A COMMAND for a new blog post! Here you are, Julia...

Hello from the Killion ladies!

It was a tiring and busy week over here. But a good week all the same :)

Thursday was one gorgeous day so we took a walk to the park by our house. I got a hat for Cate to wear because of fair skin, and Lizzie insisted on wearing one too ;) The girls loved the swings and the sunshine!
Later that night the girls and I headed over to the chapel for the RS Birthday Party. The girls went to the nursery; Cate managed to stay and play for an hour! (Last RS activity she lasted only 20 minutes before screaming and crying to come back to me; Lizzie never suffers from separation anxiety--she kept saying "Goodbye Mom" before I left the Primary room!) The RS party was great; it's always nice to catch up with the ladies and enjoy some good food while we're at it!

Last night Chris had a make-up class for school (he usually has Friday nights off) but as he walked to White Chocolate after work, he noticed the front passenger side tire was flat. No class for him! We picked up him up in the Dark Knight and after some dinner and a walk through the mall, we went to Walmart to get a tire iron. Lizzie had a fun time "helping" Daddy get the spare tire on. I should've taken a picture of that, now that I think about it!! It was too cute.

When we were at the mall, we stopped by The Shoe Department to check out some sneakers. Well, Lizzie found this outrageous pair of red boots and she had to put them on! Cate wanted a closer look--

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: the Main Event

Taylor Smith and Alexandra Pizza were married in the Cape May Branch Chapel on Saturday March 5, 2011. It was a beautiful ceremony, with Taylor's dad performing the ceremony. The reception immediately followed and it was a great night filled with family and friends of the Pizza's and Smith's. The decorations were absolutely fabulous (I wish I had remembered to take pictures of them, but trust me--the chapel looked terrific). We were so happy to be a part of their day and to celebrate with them!

Taylor and Alex have been married for just over a week, having spent their honeymoon at Disney World :) Congratulations to you both and best of luck in your marriage!

Monday, March 7, 2011


We arrived home early this morning--to SNOW of all things-- and we're in the process of getting back into the MD groove. Our internet is being finicky at the moment, but I thought I would post some confessions. I'll be writing a blog about our week in NJ soon!

The Feet/Shoes Edition of Mary's Confessions

1. I hate the feeling of wearing sneakers without socks. Same goes for wearing dress shoes without nylons.
2. I hate walking barefoot (except on the beach). I always wear shoes in my house. I definitely get this from my mom.
3. Huge pet peeve: open-toed dress shoes in the dead of winter. I don't understand it. At BYU, we'd walk to church--trudging through ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. Some girls wore shoes that were summer appropriate and then they would complain that their feet were cold. I had no sympathy for them.
4. I love heels. I hope I'm still wearing them when I'm an old lady!
5. I have never owned a pair of reeboks or filas--I've always prefered nike or adidas. I'm not sure why!