Sunday, September 18, 2011

September happenings

Currently, Lizzie's favorite thing to do during bathtime is make beards with bubbles.

Cate thinks it's hilarious.

Before the weather turned cool this past week, we enjoyed the sunshine.

On Thursday, Lois, Katya, and I went to a Discovery Room in the library and let the kids have fun! We plan on going back for sure--the kids loved it.

On Friday it was really cold outside so we HAD to drive to Frederick for some Wawa hot chocolate :) We also stopped by the Key Mall to let the girls play with a puppy.

I loved how Cate crouched down to get a better look at the beagle!

We drove to Hagerstown on Saturday afternoon. We managed to find some good deals at the outlets (new shoes for Chris and me @ adidas--buy one, get one 50% off) and the girls got some things at Gymboree and Carter's. There's a cute park in the outlet mall so the girls spent a lot of time there!

Look who decided to climb in the tub with her clothes on! (a la Uncle Bill)

Lizzie discovered this at Walmart the other day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ten years ago today, I was a brand new freshman at Wildwood Catholic High School. We were just a few days into the new school year.

Ten years ago today, I was sitting in third mod Spanish class with Mrs. Bolle. I believe we were working on some vocabulary.

Ten years ago today, I was flooded with disbelief when our principal came on the loudspeaker and announced what had just taken place in New York City. For the rest of the school day, the TVs were on in every classroom as we watched the atrocities unfolding just a couple of hours away from us in three different directions: north in NYC, south in DC, and west in PA.

Ten years ago today, America changed.

I love my country. I love our diversity. I love the people who protect us and who fight for our freedom. My prayers are with everyone affected and they always will be.
A full decade has passed, but I will never forget the way I felt ten years ago today.

I hope you never forget. 9.11.01

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall approaches!

As much as I love summer, I look forward to fall. Chris finished his first week of his second year of law school. His Wednesday and Thursday nights will be long, but so far so good. The girls and I are holding up; this week was a bit difficult because both girls recognized that Daddy wasn't around as much. So naturally Lizzie tested every limit that she could! Good thing she's a sweetie ;)

I'm late with these pictures but on Friday the 26th, we went to the Germantown Splash Park with Ashley and Brylee Wilkins. Brylee and Lizzie play very well together and Cate loved keeping up with the big girls.

They discovered a frog in the midst of all the water!

This past Wednesday we went over to the Wilkins' for some more play time! The girls had so much fun outside--can you see why? Time to drive and to ride!

And time to climb trees, too!

Both girls insisted on bringing purses to our Target run the other day.

I managed to get Cate's hair into pigtails this week! She wasn't a big fan but it looked too cute!