Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Busy! That's what we've been this week!

Second to my asthma and allergy problems, my MOUTH has given me the worst trouble in my young adult life. It all started when I got my braces in the middle of freshman year of high school and said goodbye to them midway through my junior year. This is me, the day I got my braces. I tell you--I was in a severe amount of pain that day, as my face illustrates:Actually, I consider the Braces Era as a good time because my teeth straightened out, and so did my smile! This is from the day after I got them off: But, my four bouts of tonsillitis last winter semester paved the way for my tonsillectomy. My retainer would not fit properly over my recently-filled cavities, so I had to go back and get them smoothed down so the retainer could fit properly. AND, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday because they've caused problems--pushing up against my back teeth, pressure on the molars, etc. I love my teeth, especially after the two fun-filled years of braces, but they can be aggravating at times!

We're back on track with Alias, season four. Chris and I have decided we will truly miss watching Marshall every week when we're done with the show. Marshall, for those of you who have never seen Alias, is the genius behind all the technology that the team uses in operations. He's incredibly smart--almost too smart. You know the type--because he's so smart he sometimes has a hard time getting down on a normal person's level of comprehension. But with Marshall, it's not annoying, it's downright hilarious. He trails onto outrageous tangents and we can't help but laugh whenever he comes on the screen.

Tonight I'm going visiting teaching with my good friend, my VT companion, Stephanie. She's awesome. Whenever we're together, we have so much fun! And later tonight, Jamie and Tammy are coming over to visit teach me! They too are wonderful and I love it when they visit.

Just for your enjoyment (and mine, too): Some pictures of us when we were oh so young!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I realized I usually write a blog on Wednesdays, and now that I wrote one last Friday, it's messed up my internal blog-writing schedule. Haha!
We're back on track with Alias--got the 2nd disc from Blockbuster and watched two episodes last night--so addicting! John and Hillary invited me to lunch today; it's their Spring Break. Lucky! We went to IHOP and we used those Fossil Ridge coupons, what a joy. I love Hillary--we're always laughing about something or other on Sundays when she comes over for FHE at the Killion house. Loving John is just... part of me gaining the name Killion. (Just kidding John! I would love you anyway.) This is John and Hillary at the FRHS Football Banquet:
I'm onto my last week of lessons before the midterm. I hope I can request the midterm early next week so I don't have a huge lapse in my next section of work before the final. We shall see...
Oh yes--although Texas weather is pretty consistent (warm-hot), two weeks ago we got SNOW and this week we had tornadoes and flash floods. The snow kept the boys busy over here!Also--Chris is coming out to Jersey with me! We are SO EXCITED and SO READY for some Jersey in our life. If we had any construction paper around the house, we (meaning I) would probably make a paper-chain countdown to celebrate every day--getting closer to New Jersey!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh yes--

May I remind you how much I love Texas? It's a gorgeous 80 degrees outside, in the second full week of March. I will totally miss this when we go back to Provo...

Just another day in TX

I've finished my homework for the week and I even got a head start on next week's work! Thank goodness. I'll be taking a midterm here soon enough, and then...on with life.
Chris was anxious to get started on season four of Alias since we've finished season three last week, so we went to Blockbuster last night and grabbed the first DVD. It's a pain that they don't put the whole season together, although I know why they don't do it. Seems great so far. One thing Chris always laughs about is Sydney. I never really noticed it before, but she can be very hypocritical, in a split second's worth of time. For instance, at the end of last season, Vaughn's wife betrays him, and Sydney says to Jack, "You can't just go and kill her," something to that effect. But then the next scene Vaughn's wife nearly kills Vaughn, and Sydney's face fills the screen, with an omnious, deadpan voice: "I'm going to kill her." Chris pretty much rolled off the couch at that one.
Then, first episode of season four (which we watched last night), Vaughn and Sydney are on Sydney's porch; Michael says, "I really miss you." Sydney replies, "Vaughn, we have to take this slow." Okay, the decision's been made. But, a few minutes later, after they've completed their mission, they're at Sydney's place and they're going at it like there's no tomorrow. So much for "slow." Chris cracked up at that, too. Ahhhh Alias.
Well, we'll be taking another Penske truck across the country from Fort Worth to Provo. They had an excellent rate and Chris sealed the deal last night. We used Penske when we drove from New Jersey to Texas and we loved it. They are clean, new, bright trucks, as opposed to another company we've used and now despise (cough UHAUL cough).
So I was on a baking frenzy yesterday for whatever reason, and I made two things: lime melt-aways and peanut butter blondies. The lime melt-aways are FANTASTIC. I got the recipe from Martha Stewart. I came across the peanut butter blondies while flipping through one of my cookbooks. They're essentially a white brownie--get it, a blondie? haha Anyways, I started making it and got everything started--when I realized I had no baking powder. Oh. Well...I went ahead and put them in the oven. They turned out all right, but I'm sure they would be even better when no ingredients are omitted. Oops!
Well, I'm teaching Relief Society on Sunday, Lesson #5 "Repentance," and I should start looking over the material...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dentist and thoughts on DT

I'm doing some Span 441, but I found myself dozing off so I figured I would do something to wake me up again. Write a new blog post, do Spanish homework...yep, writing the blog wins.
I'm going to the dentist today; Chris is picking me up and off to the dentist we go! I think I might need to have a cavity filled, but my main problems are my wisdom teeth. The one on the right side of my mouth is actually poking out! And IT HURTS! I can't really chew on that side of my mouth. Seems like I will have them removed soon...I hope. I told my mom about them on Sunday when we talked, and she replied, "Silly Americans. We leave them alone in my country--I still have mine!" My mom cracks me up.
Chris is completing his grad application...letters of recommendation, ecclesiastical endorsement, all the good stuff. I've been readmitted for the fall, so that's a burden off my shoulders. But we do have to complete our FAFSAs soon. We'll need them!
I found myself thinking about DT yesterday (as in Deseret Towers, not Dennis Township--thank you) because I found out that only U Hall is currently standing, my beloved U Hall. When we return for the fall and drive down 9th East and see an empty space there, I will cry. I know I will. I can be so sentimental!

These facts were printed out on a little sheet that we RAs handed out to our residents the first week of school last year, 2006-07:
954,364--Total people who have stayed at DT
1,204--Bedspaces available this year
237--Days you will call DT your home
42--Years that DT has been home to many
28--RAs that will enhance your experience this year
5--Buildings in operation this year (V and W were torn down that semester)
1--Opportunity YOU have to make the last year at DT its very finest

W0W. How many people have been impacted by their time in DT? How many friendships have been forged at DT? How many couples met, got engaged, and married because of a friendship formed there (including me and Chris, and so many of our friends)? How many sleepless nights were there--watching a DVD on the laptop in your room...or in DT field? How many trips to the Creamery were made? How many afternoons were spent at the pool as soon as it opened? How many Saturday mornings were spent on the grass outside the halls? How many games were played on the basketball courts? How many dances were danced at Invitational? How many friends got together to go to Homecoming? How many meals were served at the Morris Center? How many waffles were made at the Morris Center? How many times did people get sick of the Morris Center? How many mission calls were opened in front of friends and family? How many missionaries were seen off? How many classes were missed because of a late night? How many mornings were used to sleep in? How much relief was felt after a long day at school? When you reached the elevator, you were ready to fall asleep right there, weren't you? How many trips were made to Provo Canyon to roast some marshmallows and to watch your guy friends make the fire? How many trips were made to the roof to get a tan when the sun came out for the spring? How many trips to the JRCB were made, as hundreds of students went to church? How many visiting teaching and home teaching assignments were made each month? How many service projects were held? How many trips to Salt Lake were made, when you couldn't stand the sight of anything Provo-related? How many Mr. DT competitions were there? How many times have you hiked the Y? How many times did you go down your hall to console a friend or to laugh hysterically about the guy in the ward? How many times did you go to the dollar theater? How many times did you go to Walmart--per day?? How many scarves were purchased at the initial sight of snow? How many times did you marvel at the snow on the mountains, especially if you were from a region that had no mountains? How many times did you curse the snow as you trudged through it, to and from campus? How many times did you gag at the smell of Utah after a rain or downpour? How many times did you wake up to chapped lips and dry elbows because of the absolute LACK of humidity? How many crushes existed among DT? How many dates were there?

How many, how many, how many...countless aspects of my life can be attributed to my time spent at DT, as a freshman and as an RA. As a freshman, I could never be more grateful for the place that became my home away from New Jersey, when all I wanted in the world was to see my family. I could never be more grateful for the memories made and the times shared with people who became the very best of friends. As a sophomore and as an RA, I could never be more grateful for my floor--the girls I lived with, the opportunities I hope I used in order to make their first time at BYU memorable and special. I could never be more grateful for the RA position and the initial training at Spring Haven, which led me to my husband, Chris.

Even though the buildings are gone, Deseret Towers will never leave me.
U Hall, Spring of 2006

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wawa, here I come!

My sister Katie made the Wildwood Leader again this week, this time in a picture! (Remember her last name is Jett, my maiden name!)

So Chris and I voted in the Texas Primary yesterday. And John McCain won the GOP nomination. I won't say anything about that...and then Hillary won Texas on the dem side. I can't stand watching her on TV or hearing her little campaign snippets. She sounds so strained and so stiff to me. Enough about that too...I'm not a big fan of talking politics. Chris and my dad are much better with that than I am!

I've started the Spanish 441 course. It's not bad really. I'm currently purusing through the Middle Ages in Spain...some of those writters (virtually all of them were men) are saucy! It cracks me up.

I'm going to New Jersey for A WEEK (April 23-30)! I am so excited! Julia will be turning eight and getting baptized, so I'm flying out! My brother Bill will be home from BYU then too, so it will be a great family reunion. Lately I've been daydreaming of Wawa:

Beautiful, tasty, built-to-order personal favorite: a turkey and Swiss shortie with lots of mayo, little bit of oil, lettuce, onion, salt/pep/oregano, pickles on hoagie and on the side. Ahh pure bliss! And, of course, gas that is pumped FOR you, not by you.

These pictures are from the Wawa website. You should totally check it out; it provides interesting history about how Wawa came to be, Wawa's namesake, and much more.