Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It poured most of last week. POURED. It was so very dark with all the rain that the girls didn't believe it was time for school. "Mom, it's NOT morning time. Look out the window!" I know, daughters, I know. I felt like I was home, driving through West Wildwood during high tide. Literal rivers flowing through the streets....Thankfully the sun is shining today!

Last night was really fun! We went down to GWU with Chris. The girls and I met Linda Flores in the law building. Linda was on my floor in U Hall when I was a Resident Assistant for Deseret Towers in 2006-07. She now works and studies at GWU, where she is currently in a folklife class. She's doing a project, studying "Mormon Stay-at-home Moms under 30," and she wanted to interview me! So we met up on campus while Chris was in class. I really enjoyed the experience, and I hope my answers to Linda's questions will be useful for her project. Linda took this picture of us before we parted ways--

So really the only other pictures I have are from today! Lizzie went on her very first field trip with her preschool class! The pumpkin patch (at Butler's Orchard) was their destination. Lizzie was so excited to ride on the big yellow bus.
Here she is holding her lunch before we left this morning.

Cate and I walked from our house to school to pick Lizzie up this afternoon. (A huge contrast to last week's rain and gloom, this week so far has been beautiful sunshine and warm breezes.) Liz was the very first person off the bus and she had picked out a pumpkin to bring home. She also brought home an apple for Cate, to which Cate said, "Thank you very much Lizzie, for my apple." SO cute! (They DO listen when we talk about manners....occasionally ;)
Lizzie, Leah, and Gavin with their pumpkins (we missed you for the picture, Sophie!)

All in all, everything in the Killion house is good. :)