Monday, October 7, 2013

The beginnings of October

Last week was my first week of teaching the preschool co-op. Our week's theme was the Letter A. On Monday, we took a walk around the neighborhood looking for acorns, ants, airplanes, anything A! I enjoyed my teaching week. The kids are eager to learn, full of energy, and sweet as can be.
On our quest: everyone is holding some acorns
The crew as we sat down to lunch

On Wednesday we focused on the "A" crafts--we made airplanes and "apple" butterflies stamped onto paper. We again took a walk, not only to fly our airplanes but to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather.
Airplane flying lessons
Group shot!

On Friday we went to Lizzie's preschool orientation at Northwest High School. Siblings were welcome, so Cate was able to check out Lizzie's classroom and see all the exciting sections of the room.
The director of the Child Development Program spoke to us parents while the high school students did some activities and snack time with the kids. Everything seems so well organized and planned; I was very pleased.

And so today was Lizzie's first day of preschool. I got up early (much earlier than I usually do) to get showered and dressed before the girls got out of their beds. When they did wake up, they ate breakfast, got dressed, etc. Cate and I dropped off Lizzie at 8:20am and Lizzie walked right into the room without any hesitation and gave us a wave as we left. She is so excited to be a "real" preschooler!
We are looking forward to a great year of school :)

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