Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More pictures this week!

I made it a point to take more pictures this week. Thankfully I remembered that I had made that point.

We walked over to the park by the pool. We didn't stay long because soon after we got there, Cate announced she had to go to the bathroom....

I found these pajamas on sale at Old Navy--I couldn't pass these up! The girls LOVE them because the bones glow in the dark.
I bought these fairy costumes last Halloween for $5 a piece (AFTER Halloween--that's the best time to buy costumes :D) The girls were happy to try them on!
Cate + Lizzie + Reed + Blake =laughs and fun times!
The girls love to put on a fashion show!!

We had Lizzie's last soccer Saturday this weekend. We are sad to see it end but we had a wonderful time! It's a win-win situation--the kids have fun, learning soccer from Coach Clark and we parents get to chat ;)