Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

* My format got all messed up halfway through this post, sorry!

What a holiday weekend! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Chris proposed to me four years ago today; seems like it was just yesterday...

My family arrived just after 3pm on Thursday afternoon and we headed for Frederick to go to Golden Corral! When we got there, the line was out the door. We only waited about thirty minutes or so--we kept ourselves busy with the camera!

Once we got inside, we didn't have to wait for anything besides the meat (a line for turkey, steak, ham, etc). The Heit's and the Turman's were just a table away :) We had a great time while we ate to our hearts' delight. Our only disappointment: they ran out of pumpkin pie! A felony! But we forgive you, Golden Corral ;)

We took our time getting ready on Black Friday, but my dad took my mom to Kohl's so she could pick up a few items. One important thing we did: we pierced Cate's ears! She didn't take it as well as Lizzie did. She screamed and screamed...and screamed some more. Miss Cate was pretty sore for a bit but the worst is over. What a cutie :D


On Saturday we drove to Ellicott City for a train show! (My dad loves trains.) It was pretty cool--the place was packed, wall-to-wall of trains of every kind. There were even some models of the Hogwarts Express :D There was a kid section with crafts and toys, which Lizzie loved!

Santa was there too so we had to get a picture with him and the Killion ladies!

We had planned on going to Harpers Ferry, WV for some sightseeing, but it was SO WINDY. We couldn't believe how cold it was. So we'll save Harpers Ferry for another day, when the weather is more tolerable. We went over to the Frederick Mall for some shopping and some playtime with a puppy!

On Sunday my family joined us in our ward. I have been released as the Enrichment Meeting Coordinator (or Relief Society Meeting Coordinator, whichever you want to call it!); Chris and I have been called to be Primary teachers! The four year olds, very cute kids. This is the first time we've been involved with the Primary...well, since we were in Primary ourselves haha. This should be fun!

Oatmeal cereal for the first time...not the biggest fan! haha
Little Cate is five months old today, by the way :)

Watching some clips of WCHS's Fiddler on youtube!

Lois and I went visiting teaching today (yes, we go on the last day of the month because we are awesome) and she shared excerpts from President Monson's talk "The Divine Gift of Gratitude." He pointed out that with the miracle of the loaves and the fishes, Christ was first thankful for the little that He had BEFORE the miracle occurred. Being thankful for the little things is important, much more important than obsessing over that which we don't have.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a fantastic husband who works full time, goes to law school part time, and still manages to make time for his wife and his girls. I have two beautiful little ladies who continually remind me of my calling as a mother. We have wonderful families who love us, the Jett's and the Killion's. We have a roof over our heads; we have a car that runs; we have clothes to keep us warm. Chris has a job that allows me to put food on the table night after night. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with these gifts.

Remember all the good with which you are blessed!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving festivities

Thursday was great! The RS meeting was a complete success and I walked away with a lot of new ideas for creating traditions for the holidays with our little Killion family. I made a white Texas sheet cake for the "4th of July" part of the night, using my Gram's recipe. I'm so thankful it turned out really well!

(I used pie filling for the flag decorations, instead of fresh fruit which is readily available in the summer. It was Chris's idea and it was so tasty!)

Later that night I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1, with Bethel, Terri, Karen, Allison, Maricel, and Heather. It was INCREDIBLE! I mean, the book is always better, but the whole spirit of the book was captured with what was showed on the screen. I'm already having a difficult time waiting for Pt. 2 to come to theaters!

Chris took a final on Friday night--and got a 15/16 on it; GO HUSBAND!--and we took off for NJ!
Sis. Walker hosted a baby shower for Corie in the early afternoon. As always, it was wonderful to get together with the branch ladies for some great food and fun times! Lauren (and Logan, but he wasn't at the shower!) flew out for the holiday--so great to see her! Corie is now well-stocked for Baby #2!

Later that night was the Saturday performance of Wildwood Catholic High School's production of The Fiddler on the Roof! It. Was. FABULOUS! This play was done my freshman year of high school, so many of the songs were familiar to me. I loved every minute of it. Joe was spectacular. He got a standing ovation that night--he was engaging, funny, and wonderful with the part of Tevye. Next to him, Katie had the BEST voice up on that stage. She played a terrific Yente--with plenty of humor. Everyone, and I mean everyone, came up to me at the end of the night to tell me what talented siblings I have. I am so proud of their hard work and dedication.
The girls fell asleep before the end of the show, but I'm sure they enjoyed what they saw!

With our Yente

With our Tevye

We went to church in Cape May on Sunday, which was wonderful of course. My family had extra tickets for the Sunday matinee production of Fiddler so Cate and I went again. Fabulous!

We're back home in MD because my family will be driving here for Thanksgiving tomorrow! And guess how we're celebrating?

Golden Corral.

Yep. I said it!
It's something Chris and his family used to do while he was growing up, so he suggested it to my dad, who readily agreed. It will be lots of fun and I'm already looking forward to ZERO preparation and clean-up :) My family will stay for the weekend too! So exciting!

Lizzie said her very first prayer last night! It was beyond cute. She also said the prayer at lunch today. Go Liz! Lately, Cate isn't happy unless she has something in her mouth. She loves teething rings (Liz never really did) so thankfully we have plenty of them for Miss Cate!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life: busy busy busy!

Chris took Lizzie to class with him on Thursday night because Cate and I weren't feeling too well. I packed plenty of books and snacks for Liz, but Chris had Toy Story on the laptop, complete with headphones. Now this is one of Lizzie's favorite movies, so during the class, you'd hear an occasional "GO BUZZ! GO WOODY!" which kept everyone laughing. Chris said she was so well-behaved and all of his classmates adored her. Success!
Not even two years old, but attending law school classes. Smart Lizzie lady!

The Heit's had us over for dinner with the Turman's on Sunday night. We had a fabulous time with fabulous food! Cate was getting tired towards the end of the night, so I had to take this picture :)

Cate and I went to Meg Clark's baby shower last night, while her husband Dave was kind enough to keep an eye on Lizzie and their daughter McKelle. I loved it; everything was wonderful! Meg looks so good and she got a ton of great boy stuff! Makes me want a boy ;)

This is the only way you are allowed to watch Special Agent Oso: mittens on hands, purses on both arms, glasses on face, shovel in hand.

You have to dance to the songs too!

Sisterly love!

After our ward's RS meeting tomorrow night is...HARRY POTTER, MIDNIGHT SHOWING! CAN'T WAIT!

Francesca's questions for me, which will serve as my confessions for the week!
1. What do you fear most?
My daughters falling away from the church.
2. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
I'm not a fan of pets. I did have a lizard once upon a time, whose name was Lizzy. Chris and Lizzie would vote for a dog!
3. What do you like to do to make yourself happy when you're feeling down?
Get a hug from Chris. Read a good book. Write in my journal. Look at old pictures. Talk to my mom.
4. What is the most wonderful sound in the world? The worst? The funniest?
Wonderful sound...Cate and Liz laughing together. The worst? The alarm clock in the morning or my girls' crying. Funniest sound...Chris's laugh, when he's REALLY laughing. I love it so much!
5. What is your most disgusting or annoying habit?
I pop my pimples. I pick my scabs. What can I say, if it doesn't belong on me I will try to get rid of it as soon as humanly possible. (Even though most battle wounds would go away faster if I just left them alone!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

...insert creative title here...

Let me tell you that Daylight Savings is kicking my behind. The girls go to bed "an hour later" yet they wake up an hour earlier. I hear Lizzie's little feet running across the living room floor before the sun rises; I roll over to look at the clock and it says 5:50 am...and I die a little inside.

1. I have never watched an entire episode of American Idol.
2. Grammatical errors kill me. ABSOLUTELY KILL ME!
3. I bought my first Vera Bradley wallet as a senior in high school...and my Vera Bradley obsession has not faltered since :)
4. I'm losing my hair again...oh pregnancy hair, why can't you just stay!!?!?!?
5. I like that Ke$ha song "Take it Off"...the lyrics are deplorable but it has a great beat and she has a cool voice.

We traveled into the city for a GW get-together on Friday night. I was able to meet many of Chris's classmates as well as two of his professors. We had a great time and everyone loved the girls. Lizzie started dancing as soon as the DJ turned on the music! Thankfully there were no issues on the Metro :)
This is us at the partay, a little blurry but happy for free food ;)

Chris worked all day Saturday to finish his paper and he was successful! It's difficult to believe that there's less than a month left of classes for him. We look forward to Christmas break!
I feel that Sunday was one of the best days to date. Chris took a break from school work and so we had our Daddy all to ourselves! And even though I didn't ask him to do any chores around the house, he stepped up to the plate and helped me out a ton.
Cate and I took a nap together and later, Lizzie and I baked oreo cheesecake cookies.

Cate is now a rolling machine! She has mastered rolling from her stomach to her back and she does it all the time now. She's still our smiley girl.

Liz continues to learn and to speak at an incredible rate. She loves to count to ten, to recite the alphabet, and to DaNcE! She is truly my child :)

I love taking pictures of the girls in the morning. They are just too cute (even though they wake up before the crack of dawn now...)

Bath time is also tons of fun :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November already!

Happy November to you! All the leaves are turning colors and falling off the trees.

It's now pretty cold; we've got out our jackets, hats, and scarves.
My parents celebrated their twenty-fourth anniversary yesterday--what a great way to begin the month of November. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

On Friday night, the Heit's were SO kind to babysit the girls while Chris took me out to dinner. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and it was absolutely fabulous! We now know why it is a favorite of our good friends, the Holden's! We brought back a slice of pumpkin pecan cheesecake for Lois and Jeff. It was a great night thanks to our friends!

On Saturday...oh, where to begin...well, the girls and I ran a few errands while Chris studied and began his paper. He had to meet with one of his professor on GW's campus in the early afternoon so we thought we would all go down together. We'd take the Metro down to GW, we girls could walk around the campus while Chris had his meeting, etc. It all sounded good out loud.

But it didn't turn out as well as it sounded.

We both completely forgot about that "Restore Sanity" rally downtown, and we didn't realize it was going on until we saw signs everywhere. Okay, we figured they shouldn't give us too much of a problem. We would take the Metro out of the city before anything got too crowded.

No. The rally ended just as Chris's meeting ended...the trip back to our home, which normally takes us forty-five minutes, took over three hours on Saturday. People were crowded into the Metro cars like cattle; thousands of people were trying to get out of the city the same time we were trying to get out of the city.

After the sixth time of much-too-crammed-space Metro cars passing us by, Cate and I managed to squeeze into a car--with Cate's car seat and my diaper bag. Needless to say, it was an uncomfortable ride until some people got off just outside of DC. Poor Cate began to cry when we first got on, but some women gave us their seats which was so nice. Lizzie and Chris got onto the Metro awhile later because no one could make room for him with the double stroller and Lizzie. We didn't meet up again until the Shady Grove parking garage. We ended up missing the chili cook-off part of our ward's Halloween party, but thankfully we got there just in time for the girls to go trunk-or-treating. They got many compliments on their costumes and they got quite a bit of candy!
Picture uploader is being funny...I'll try to put up the Halloween pictures later.

Some pictures for you!

Some confessions for you!
1.The first CD I ever bought was AQUA. Yes, I bought it solely to listen to the song Barbie Girl.
2. I was twenty years old the first time I pumped gas for our car in Fort Worth, TX. And I called Chris when he was at work to make sure I was doing it properly.
3. I nearly cried when I saw the Morris Center's attempt at serving "cheesesteaks" for dinner as a BYU freshman in Fall 2005. Cold cheese slices and some pieces of beef on a hot dog-style bun? Major fail.
4. I no longer consider myself a morning person. I am ashamed to admit this.
5. I think I served some form of a chicken-and-rice bake three times a week for the first six months Chris and I were married. Poor guy! But he still ate it :)